Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

The moment we buy a vehicle, it becomes important to understand the need for the right motor insurance policy. Motor insurance protects your vehicle from unfortunate expenses that arise due to accident or theft. The policy not only covers your vehicle but also any injury to the driver or passenger.
In order to protect your beloved asset we have just the right plans for you and here’s everything you need to know about the car and two-wheeler insurance

What’s more! A multitude of add ons along with your base cover:

Roadside Assistance- Assists you in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road far from the city.

  • • Engine protection- Covers you in case the engine gets damaged
  • • Zero Depreciation- Pays you the value of the parts without deducting any depreciation in case of parts damage
  • • Tyre Protect - Covers you in case of any damage to your vehicle tyres

The list of add on covers may vary from policy to policy as we compare different motor insurance companies in India.

How to go about buying Magma HDI Motor Insurance?

Magma HDI offers policies and a wide range of add-on covers which are competitively priced. You can also choose the add-ons as per your requirements..

  • 1. Start by giving a few details about yourself
  • 2. Just answer a few simple questions about the vehicle you are using
    We have kept these questions extremely simple like where do you drive? or if your previous vehicle policy has expired? Or are you looking for online motor insurance renewal?
  • 3. View amazing insurance plans with prices tailor-made for you and buy motor insurance online
    Apart from delivering a fantastic value for your purchase, we strive hard to offer you a good price to start with. You can select your own IDV and apply offers available to you to get to an optimal price. When you are ready, just select your option.
  • 4. Choose your policy and pay the premium. Your policy will be in your inbox in a few seconds

What kind of insurances do we offer?

Private Car Insurance:

The private car insurance protects you from financial losses and covers you in the case of unfortunate situations such as accident, fire, natural calamities, theft and other mishaps.
The insurance premium of every car is different and depends on factors such as the make and model of the car, fuel, engine type, and previous policies, among other factors.
Our car insurance claims are made easier with our smartphone-based self-inspection app and a hassle-free process.

Two Wheeler Insurance

A bike / Scooter insuranceplays an important role in preventing you from financial losses caused during unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, fire, natural calamities, theft and other mishaps.
Your insurance premium largely depends on your scooter/bike model and registration year.
Two-wheeler insurance claims have been made easy too. There is a self-inspection app and the process is hassle-free.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Apart from the mandate by law, a motor insurance in India for commercial vehicles is extremely important as these involve a lot of risks and uncertainties.

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Third-Party Long Term Two Wheeler Motor Insurance policy

Insure your two-wheeler for two or three consecutive years with our long-term two-wheeler insurance policy. As you are aware that the third party cover is mandatory as per motor vehicles act, it will not only keep you on the right side of the law but also protect you from third-party liability but also from the yearly increase in premium caused due to increase in TP premium prices by the regulator.

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Motor Tractor package

As is evident form the name , it is the insurance policy for your tractor. Though tractor is not a mode of transportation it still runs on road to perform its functions.

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Motor Act Only Policy

Your vehicle on road is not only susceptible to own damage but also to the liability in case of accident. Motor vehicle act 1988 requires all vehicle plying on road to compulsorily have third party liability insurance.

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Motor Trade Policy

Vehicle needs to be insured and registered to establish insurable interest in the asset. The vehicle needs to be registered first and only then an insurance policy can be issued.” Vehicles which are yet to be sold are susceptible to damage or can cause injury to people handling such vehicles. Hence businesses which are involved in the handling of pre-sold new vehicles go for motor trade policy. A motor trade insurance policy is designed to cover any injury, loss or damage to the third-party caused by the vehicle and the damage to the vehicle itself caused during the course of handling.

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Motor Trade Internal Risk Policy

Vehicle needs to be insured and registered to establish insurable interest in the asset. Vehicle needs to be registered and only then an insurance policy can be issued. Vehicles which are yet to be sold and already sold are susceptible to damage or can cause injury to people handling such vehicles. Hence businesses which are involved in the handling of presold new vehicles go for motor trade internal risk policy. It covers any damage to the vehicle or any injury to the staff of that business entity caused by the vehicle

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Motor Add On Covers

Comprehensive motor insurance policy only covers accidental damage to the vehicle or damage to the third party by the vehicle and doesn’t cover some specific risks such as engine or tyre damage. It is also possible that claiming under motor insurance can nullify the no claim benefits. Hence insurance companies offer add ons so that you can cover such eventualities also.

Insurance terms and conditions are complicated. We make it simple.



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