Let's understand the purpose of the kill switch in motorcycles

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Let's understand the purpose of the kill switch in motorcycles  16th September 2022

Road accidents continue to be the leading cause of death in India. In the metro cities, the need to ride at a blistering speed is overwhelming. In this process, you tend to slip the clutch while struggling to switch off the motorcycle. As the phrase goes, "Haste makes waste", it can't be more accurate. You not only risk jolting forward but also the likelihood of accidents is concerning.

As per the World Bank report, "India tops the world in road crash deaths and injuries. Around 11 per cent of all road crash deaths are witnessed in India, which corresponds to 53 accidents every hour; taking one life every 4 minutes".

By this point, you all must be wondering what can be an efficient way to eliminate this problem. The ideal solution is a kill switch to wind down a motorcycle.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to understanding the purpose of a kill switch.

With this emergency stop, you can rapidly turn off the bike without withdrawing your hand from the handle to reach for the key. To turn off the power, you just have to use your thumb. In short, this safety mechanism can save your life in an accident.

Turning off the motorcycle instantly seems like an unusual idea. But in general, while doing so, we put the bike’s mechanism at risk. The kill switch is designed in a way to mitigate this problem. It swiftly breaks the contact with the ignition coil. This is a very straightforward mechanism to shut the engine off. It is also convenient, considering how by keeping your hands on the handlebars, you can engage the kill switch more immediately during an emergency.

All in all, this is a simple, direct emergency shut-off switch that clicks the device off. It is an essential safety feature that enables the rider to turn off the motorcycle when it is impossible to do so manually.

All you have to do is press the red button. If you're a new rider, you probably spotted a scarylooking red switch on your bike's right-side handlebar. So, you now know how a kill switch looks.

In a heavier bike, the rumbling engine is silenced with this mechanism's help. It also aids in handling emergency situations without disturbing the bike's stability. You won't need to glance down to find it because it will be easy to operate after some experience. It is also a quick method to halt your bike for a brief period, to give directions, or in traffic.

Numerous motorcycles are designing advanced technologies to eliminate road accidents. While this is one way to make you feel secure, you should consider other options. In India, it is almost necessary to take insurance for your motorcycle. If it expires, you can apply for an online motor insurance renewal. It is another way to drive safely without worrying about financial losses against insured vehicles, including extensive damages and liabilities. Always keep your insurance policy up-to-date to avoid it from lapsing.

We hope the above information explains the importance of kill switch and online motor insurance renewal. It is always best to have complete knowledge about your vehicle, its parts and their use. This information can help you better understand your bike and stay protected during unfortunate events.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.