A clutter-free home is not a distant dream with our simplified guide

A clutter-free home is not a distant dream with our simplified guide  27th February 2023

After purchasing your home, maintaining and protecting it becomes the highest-ranked priority. Keeping a clutter-free home helps you bring positivity and a better sense of well-being. While buying the best home insurance policy in India can help shift the burden of contingencies like burglary, vandalism, etc., how do we safeguard our homes from habits like hoarding and stockpiling?

If you find it challenging to keep your home clutter-free, here is a short guide to maintaining and optimising your space.

1. Identify clutter:
Our physical, mental, and emotional lives can become cluttered with irrelevant items. But what appears to be clutter may be an extraordinary item for you. Physical clutter usually occurs when we have too much stuff and no orderly mechanisms to store them. Owning less stuff makes your home clutter-free and more accessible. Having less material also positively affects our time, lives, and energy.

2. Get rid of the extra:
Eliminating the surplus items that consume our lives, time, and energy is the first step in keeping your home clutter-free. Clutter can be described as having too much stuff in a limited space, resulting in a disorganised home. Slowly navigate from room to room while using this filter to weed out items that are not required.

3. Avoid acquiring too many possessions:
Clutter can be efficiently managed by effective space management. You need to understand that the goods cost more than what is listed as their final retail price. We must alter our perspective and assess our purchases differently to stop the accumulation of goods in our houses. Start by asking yourself these questions before making a purchase –
● When I get it home, will there be a place to store it?
● Exactly why am I purchasing it?
● What value does it bring to our home and well-being?

4. Establish routines to manage your clutter:
Finding and creating routines to effectively manage your belongings will be the easiest way to remove the surplus. After removing the excess, it will be easier to identify the practices that keep your living environment clutter-free. Also, you'll find it simpler to adopt these habits once you've experienced the independence and stress-free lifestyle that comes with living clutter-free.
Clutter draws more clutter, and it needs to be eliminated. Create healthy habits for your family to control how your home's possessions are used regularly. They will be simpler to apply once you've identified them.

5. Plan decluttering maintenance times:
The most crucial step is to make a timetable and follow it. You can do this daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or seasonal. Remember, you need to declutter and organise regularly.
You'll feel better about your clutter-free home if you're disciplined about following through with your maintenance program. The more time passes between your regular sessions, the more you'll notice that your house could be cleaner and more orderly.

Building habits around clearing up excess clutter should be prioritised in your daily routine. The critical components to living in a clutter-free environment are recognising and knowing what to do with it and having the discipline to carry it through.

The beautiful thing about decluttering your house is that your efforts will have a long-lasting good impact on your sense of self-worth and how you regard your living space. While this will help protect the area inside your home and make better choices as per your tastes, buying the best home insurance policy in India provides the safety of external protection for your house.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.