All things you need to know about Burglary Insurance Policy

All things you need to know about Burglary Insurance Policy  28th September 2022

In the unfortunate event that someone breaks into your establishment and steals your belongings, the experience can be devastating on a psychological and economic level. Forcible intrusion into a residence or commercial establishment to commit theft is the definition of burglary. If someone tries to break into your home or place, you may be able to recoup some of your losses with burglary insurance.

Why do you need Burglary Insurance?

Under the Home Burglary Insurance policy, you also have the option to purchase additional coverage for high-value items such as diamonds, jewellery, and other valuables.

If a criminal were to break into your place of business and steal valuable items like computers, printers, and other office equipment, you would be protected by burglary insurance. These policies are designed to reimburse you for the loss due to the actions of evil minds. It provides the best possible financial assistance and helps you adjust to such circumstances to recover from the damages.

If thefts from homes and businesses are common in your neighbourhood, you should consider purchasing insurance against theft and burglary.

Essential points to identify needs for burglary insurance.

The primary motivation for purchasing theft protection is to prevent significant financial loss so that your home or business can be secured against the possibility of a break-in.

Crimes like burglaries, thefts, and other similar occurrences frequently make the front pages of newspapers. In today's world, it's irresponsible to abandon your house alone for too long. For this reason, having burglary insurance may be a great relief and a source of pride.

Let's take a look at the scenario when you must protect the homes with a burglary insurance:

● If you must keep the residence unattended for a long time, and there's nobody to look after.

● For those who must depart their homes or businesses for extended periods.

● Anyone running a business with a steady stream of customers coming in and out of the building daily.

● Corporation owners who attend to numerous clients each day.

Following are the types of burglary insurance available under the general insurance India category.

1. Full value insurance:
This type of insurance gives complete coverage to the property.

2. First loss insurance:
Under this plan, a certain percentage of the property gets insured rather than total protection. The policyholder must opt for this when there is less probability of total loss.

3. Stock declaration insurance:
Under this plan, the policyholder must estimate the highest stock value during a financial year. And the said amount will be the sum assured. In the case of stock fluctuations, this plan is beneficial.

Burglary and theft insurance are not the same. Illegal possession of assets, intending to infiltrate closed establishments forcibly (armed robbery), and theft by violence/ persuasive/ vicious entry are covered under burglary insurance.

On the other hand, theft insurance includes comprehensive coverage of stealing activities. Most types of insurance, including those for automobiles, homes, and even health insurance, provide coverage against burglary, which widely falls under general insurance India. Crime insurance endorsements can also be added to your policy to increase your protection against theft and burglary. Get acquainted with all the necessary information about a burglary insurance policy for your home or workplace safety. The criminal act of a few minutes can adversely affect your hard-earned happiness. Don’t let this happen, and buy reliable burglary insurance today!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.