Are you a flashpacker? Follow these tips to make your flashpacking trips memorable

Are you a flashpacker? Follow these tips to make your flashpacking trips memorable  26th October 2022

India is a diverse nation with many beautiful surroundings, sceneries, and landscapes. Due to this spellbinding canvas of experiences, it has a flourishing tourism industry to make every occasion come alive. People from far and wide visit India to witness its monuments, lakes, forts, palaces, mountains, valleys, and cultural bliss.

Many terms are going the rounds for Gen Zs and Millennials who have a zest for travelling in and around India. The words like backpacking and flashpacking are thrown around like confetti. But what exactly do they mean? More and more travellers are turning towards flashpacking with time. If you're also one of them, this article is for you.

Amidst all this, you must have personal accident insurance India to help you stay secure and safe when you travel to explore new destinations and discover rare experiences.

What is flashpacking?

Flashpacking is one of the most travel-related terms in fashion and making the news right now. You may be familiar with backpacking which deals with travelling to far and wide places on a budget. It is usually done solo to explore more areas of the country. Backpackers mostly stay at hostels and enjoy the local street food. Everything is done keeping a tight budget in mind.

On the other hand, flashpacking is described as backpacking on a better budget. It refers to solo or independent travellers with more money to spare on their travels. Unlike backpackers, this expenditure is spent on the best food chains and boutique hotels. They want to explore every nook and corner of the country with added luxury and comfort.

What are the pros of flashpacking in India?

There are a variety of advantages of flashpacking in India. Since you will not have a tight budget to adhere to, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Some of the widely known advantages are:

● You can stay at the best, most comfortable, and luxurious hotels that offer magnificent views. For instance, if you're in Udaipur, you can book a hotel overlooking Lake Pichola.

● You will get a peaceful sleep in your comfortable bed. You will not share a room or stay in the dormitory, which can disrupt your sleep and cause other distractions while you try to enjoy your solitude.

● Since you'll be exploring the best food joints in the place, you'll never sleep on an empty stomach. Further, the options are deemed to be delicious as there is no shortage of funds.

● You can also travel comfortably in cabs or motorbikes without having to hitchhike or wait for your next ride.

Tips to make flashpacking trips memorable:

There are many tips and tricks that you can consider while flashpacking as an independent tourist in India. These are:

● Make sure you research and plan before embarking on your flashpacking trip to India. You can consult a travel agent or company that has enough resources for the same.

● Book your flight or train tickets in advance to avoid problems later.

● Do not force too many places in a single day. With no budget limitation, you can prolong your trip as long as you want without any worries.

● Ensure that you have enough information about the entry time, fees, and mode of travel for a particular place you want to go to.

● Carry all the essentials like medications, sunscreen, masks, sanitiser, snacks, and so on.

● Book the best hotels with a view well in advance, so you do not have to worry about having a luxurious stay.

● Choose the best and most well-researched places to stay in the city.

You should consider many things before you plan a flashpacking trip in India. You should take all the necessary precautions and also have personal accident insurance India to cover the medical expenses in case of emergency. India welcomes several once-in-a-lifetime experiences and moments you can cherish by setting out on tours to the country's diverse retreats.

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