Best tips to clean the car carpets to make them shine as new

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Best tips to clean the car carpets to make them shine as new  25th February 2021


Understanding how to keep your car shiny is not only a matter of display but also a necessity to sustain your car's value. Certain parts of the car are exposed to dust and need to be cleaned regularly. The mats in your vehicle are the single most mistreated part and are often overlooked during a carwash. They are continuously battered by dirt, filth, sand, twigs, and stones brought in by your shoes. Not to mention how food and beverage spills create an excess mess on the carpet.

So, here are some of the best tips to keep your car carpets as good as new:

1. Take out all of the waste from the vehicle, including empty bottles, cans, wrappings, and pieces of paper. Gather it all up and chuck it away. Also, organise other personal things and either keep them in the glove box or remove them from the vehicle while you clean the carpets.

2. Now use a strong vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets thoroughly. Apply a stiff rug brush to scrape the fibres. Doing this will remove the dust and small bits that have been trapped between the fibres.

3. Examine the carpet for spots and areas that need further care before shampooing it. Prepare a spray bottle with hot water, vinegar, and a few drops of cleaning solution or laundry soap. Let it absorb for a moment before respraying and scrubbing it with a brush.

4. To get rid of a stubborn liquid stain, use soda and salt. Immediately after spilling something, put soda and salt on it and let it sit for a while. Then scrub it off using a paper towel or a cloth.

5. The best way to clean stains is to act quickly. To remove as much excess as possible, place a piece of paper tissue on the area. Then, sprinkle cold or sparkling water over the stain to dilute it and prevent it from hardening. After, wipe the area with additional paper towels or a cloth to absorb the liquid.

6. Finally, wash off your carpet. Then use a steam cleaner to dry it. The fabrics dry only with the pressure of hot compressed steam, which enters the material and blasts away any remaining trash.

7. Take measures to protect the fabric. Carpet and upholstery protectors come into play here. These chemicals coat the material with a flexible hydrophobic coating. To achieve complete coverage, spray the product evenly over the surface of the mat, then allow it to settle before applying another layer.

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, don't leave anything to chance. Owners diligently schedule regular maintenance of their car and take it in for expert treatment at the first hint of a problem. For those occasions when you decide to treat your vehicle yourself or in between expert treatments, the tips mentioned above will surely help keep your car carpets secured from getting dirty.

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