Beware of things that can nullify your home insurance

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Beware of things that can nullify your home insurance  21st March 2022


Nobody likes to anticipate any worst-case scenario, but we still prepare for them. However, people investing in home insurance in India are as low as 1%. This shows the lack of awareness about the importance of home insurance which makes Indians highly susceptible to financial and property losses that take years to recover. Every individual who wants to secure the future of their family and property must invest or buy home insurance.

Once you buy home insurance, you can recover from household losses more efficiently. However, purchasing a reliable insurance policy is not enough. It is crucial to abide by the strict regulations involved in your home insurance. Every individual must follow the entire list of dos and don'ts of the insurance policy.

To avail the benefits of your home insurance successfully, you must know some of the critical points that can nullify your home insurance.

1. Renting your home:
While you may think you have the complete liberty to rent out your home, this could jeopardise your insurance policy. Several home insurance companies reject the idea of insuring a shared house. Renting out your home or registering it as a homestay on hotel booking sites can become a risk as insurance companies look at it as sharing your property with someone you don't know well. They might consider this threatening enough to cancel your insurance plan altogether.

2. Exaggerating the value of your home:
If you exaggerate or overestimate the value of your home, it can lead to the cancellation of your home insurance plan. Insurers always cross-check the details given by the homeowner and verify them. To help this, you can show an inventory of all the things you own and their actual monetary and market value. It is good to save receipts of appliances, furnishings, etc., to provide evidence.

3. Practising illegal activities:
Illegal activities like the consumption or sale of narcotics can be grounds to cancel your home insurance policy. No company wants to deal with individuals going against the law. Insurance companies provide policies based on the homeowner's character. Practising illegal activities can be a solid red flag. They may nullify your home insurance policy on the grounds of suspicion. Filing fraudulent claims to gain funds from the insurance company is another illegal activity to steer clear of.

4. Long periods of absence:
If you plan to be absent from home for an extended period, you must check the insurance policy's requirements before you leave. Home insurance policies usually have terms for how frequently they need an adult individual to check on the house's conditions. You must request a trusted individual to check on the condition of your home as per the required intervals. This helps verify that the house is protected against any unknown damage, break-ins, or theft. Contact your insurance company before leaving for an extended period to avoid confusion.

Although most Indians are aware of the dangers of earthquakes, natural calamities and other security threats for their homes, they still do not buy home insurance. You may choose an insurance company to buy home insurance online India that provides you financial security with the additional benefit of covering your insured belongings.

So, check the above set conditions and other guidelines of your insurance contract to avoid your policy getting cancelled.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy