Complete guide on passenger assistance cover in two-wheeler insurance

Complete guide on passenger assistance cover in two-wheeler insurance  30th November 2022

If you have ever randomly searched for road safety statistics relating to India, you would be concerned. According to data provided by many research firms, the road crash severity, i.e., the number of deaths per 100 road crashes, was 38.6. This implies that over a third of road accidents lead to fatalities. Our numbers are also the highest amongst all countries, making this an issue that requires immediate attention.

While infrastructure and planning of roads are partly to blame, so is driver negligence. Considering that over half the vehicles on roads are 2-wheelers, it becomes necessary to practise safe driving since 2-wheelers do not have the bare minimum safety that cars provide and lead to more significant damages if in an accident. With increased regulations, the demand for 2 wheeler insurance has risen steadily.

Still, riders continue to take unnecessary risks in the form of 3 or more riders, underage driving, and helmet-less pillion riders. While your 2 wheeler insurance covers the driver and vehicle, does it also cover pillion passengers? Read on to find out all about it.

Inclusion of a passenger in 2-wheeler insurance:

2 wheeler insurance is considered a comprehensive cover but is not in reality. By carefully reading the fine print, one can find multiple exclusions which can be added to the cover as an add-on facility. One such cover is to protect your passenger.

If you are considering whether or not to purchase the add-on, we strongly urge you to do so. Since two-wheelers are more vulnerable to accidents, minimal damage to the riders is inevitable. While your comprehensive plan covers you and your vehicle, buying an add-on will insure your pillion rider's life.

Inclusions of the add-on:

The add-on primarily lightens your moral responsibility towards your pillion passenger to keep them protected as long as you're responsible for their safety. In the following events, the insurance company approves the claims filed:

● Compensation for the death of the passenger to their legal heirs

● Payment in case of partial or permanent disability to the passenger

● Reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses incurred to treat the passenger

Who should consider buying the add-on:

While 2 wheeler insurance is mandatory for all, we recommend considering a pillion-passenger add-on as the same. However, suppose any of the following cases apply to you, then consider purchasing it at the earliest to minimise the extent of the financial burden you may have to face.

● If you regularly have a pillion passenger travelling along

● If your regular passenger happens to be a child or a senior citizen, it is best to cover for contingent mishaps

Exclusions to consider before filing claims:

This add-on is undoubtedly helpful in insuring your fellow rider’s life. However, before filing a claim, you must ensure that the following:

● The driver has a valid licence

● The driver was not under the influence of any substance

● The driver must be the owner of the vehicle and must purchase the policy and add-on in his name

● The accident must not be intended to be an act of self-injury by the driver

These are generally excluded conditions that reject a claim. Since making 2 wheeler insurance mandatory, its penetration has significantly increased. Authorities should also consider making policy equipped with comprehensive benefits to cover all related parties and ensure maximum protection of the riders and vehicle.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.