Complete guide on using the residential apartment for commercial use

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Complete guide on using the residential apartment for commercial use  23rd February 2021


Using your private property for commercial purposes may seem like a fantastic way to grow your business if you have an office at home. It has been common practice to convert a residential property for commercial use to increase income. However, housing societies usually don't appreciate it when a whole residential unit is used for business.

Owners are permitted to use a portion of the property for commercial purposes. However, there are several restrictions and legislations that you must be aware of to use your apartment as an office space. In addition, getting the best home insurance policy in India can help you save money when you rent or buy a business space.

Is there a regulation in India that governs how residential property is used and rented out?
Across Indian cities, the zoning law is enacted by the local municipal government or authorities. It governs the use and allocation of land to different services and purposes. According to the legislation, commercial activity should be kept out of residential areas for the benefit of residents and to encourage the growth of the proper commercial regions.

What exactly does the law state?
It is essential to note that different states have different levels of leniency when it comes to commercial use. In some states, professional service providers such as doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants are permitted to use up to 30% of their homes for business purposes. But in other states, they are not.

Before converting a residential property into commercial space, ensure that it's permitted. You must get clearance from the local housing authority. Once a property has been officially considered for retail space, it will be regarded as such for all purposes, including paying a higher property tax rate than a residential property.

Things to keep in mind when turning a residential property into a place of work.
Commercial activity is any activity related to the buying and selling of merchandise. Most housing societies allow the operation of businesses such as professions, services, and the teaching of specific art forms.
Activities such as yoga classes, tuition classes, or the services of chartered accountants, doctors, and lawyers are not considered as commercial activities. Commercial activity within residential properties may not be authorised due to security concerns as they create a significant traffic hazard for the neighbourhood.

For those who are willing to use their home for commercial purposes, here are a few considerations to bear in mind:

1. Before making an application, make sure you know exactly how much space you'll need and what kind of business you want to start.

2. Obtain a permit to operate a business from the local municipality.

3. Ensure that your clients are not using communal spaces such as the parking lot or other amenities.

4. If your home is turned into a business, you may have to pay more property taxes.

Many people find that running a business from home is an excellent way to save money since the cost of rent and transportation are significantly reduced.

Before starting a business in a residential space, get approval from the housing society, local councils, and zoning authorities. Also, get the best home insurance policy in India so that you can keep your apartment safe as you turn it into a business.

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