Complete guide to buy a short-term car insurance policy

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Complete guide to buy a short-term car insurance policy  31st January 2022


Did you know that you can insure your car for a short period? Such as a few days or weeks. You must purchase short-term car insurance, often known as 'temporary car insurance.' Although it may seem strange, temporary car insurance is available, and people are already buying it.

Furthermore, short-term car insurance begins as soon as you pay for it. Some people may find that a short-term insurance policy is not ideal if they are unsure about their driving requirements. Let's take a closer look at a short-term car insurance policy in greater detail.

What exactly is short-term car insurance?
Short-term auto insurance can be valid for as little as a few hours or as long as some months, depending on the type of coverage you choose. It is possible to obtain short-term or temporary vehicle insurance coverage in some circumstances, such as when a person is not looking to purchase car insurance for more than a year.

How does short-term car insurance work?
Most Indian insurance policies fall into one of two categories: third-party liability and comprehensive insurance, with the latter being more commonly offered. In most cases, a standard automobile insurance term lasts one year. If one chooses to purchase comprehensive insurance, they will buy additional coverage through add-ons and benefit from other features. On the other hand, purchasing at least third-party insurance is mandated by law and gives the bare minimum of protection to the owner of the covered car in the event of an accident.
In situations where a person's need to drive a car is constrained by a specific time frame or a clear exit criterion, temporary car insurance may be necessary. Here, a person doesn't need to buy car insurance for a year because they don't drive a vehicle much. The time commitment could be anything from a few hours to a month or two at the most. Temporary auto insurance is uncommon in India, yet it is widespread.

Different types of short-term car insurance.
The coverage provided by short-term car insurance is minimal. It might be available in the following categories.

1. Rental car insurance:
Rental car insurance is the name given to the policy that protects a vehicle while it is being rented. Insurance policies for rentals typically include coverage for things like accidental damage and injury.

2. Gap insurance:
This insurance covers vehicles previously leased or financed through third-party financing. It provides gap insurance coverage in the event of a total loss, which is defined as damage that cannot be repaired. If the insurance provider compensates you for the fair market price of the vehicle, this policy will cover the difference.

3. Non-owners insurance:
Non-owners insurance is comparable to rental car insurance, although primarily available for private automobiles. People who borrow cars from family or friends are likely to buy non-owners insurance to protect themselves in the event of an accident.

Now that you've learned about short-term car insurance policies, you can make the most of a monthly car insurance plan to protect your vehicle. When you are only using a car for a limited time under the above three conditions, this is the most effective way of avoiding financial obligations. However, you should be prudent that not all car insurance companies offer this type of protection.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.