Effective tips to avoid panic if your bike breaks down far from home

Effective tips to avoid panic if your bike breaks down far from home  04th August 2022

Your bike is probably your favourite asset. Everything from grocery runs to those weekend trips; your bike is always at your beck and call. But what if someday, your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere? What will you do? Your bike could break down for various reasons such as your battery dying, punctured tyre, malfunctioning brakes, etc.

A vehicle breakdown can be one of the most panic-inducing situations, and keeping your mind together to find a solution becomes challenging. Not only does it leave you stranded, but it also compromises your safety and makes you more susceptible to mugging and robbery.

Let's discuss a few things you need to do in case of a bike breakdown and how to avoid panic and confusion.

1. Move to a safe location:
Your vehicle generally gives you signs of breakdown way before it happens. Driving towards a safe spot is best if you feel like your bike might give up soon. Bus stops, supermarkets, and petrol pumps are some examples of safe spots that you can opt for. If your vehicle has already died out on you, you might have to push the vehicle further.
The main idea behind locating a safe location is to ensure your safety. You have to stay away from traffic to avoid a collision. You can also call your mechanic or service provider for immediate assistance once you are away from the road.

2. Secure the bike:
After reaching a safe spot, shut the engine off. If you can understand the issue, you can take the necessary action. However, if you don't know the problem, keeping a safe distance from your bike is best. However, stay close enough to have a clear view of the bike. Remember to keep your RC, driving licence, and all the other essential documents handy with you at all times.

3. Stay visible:
It is best to keep yourself visible to other pedestrians and commuters if a breakdown happens at night. Use blinkers or hazard lights. Whenever riding at night, it is best to wear high-visibility jackets. Use anything readily available around you, such as signs or cloth, to use as flags or signals for others.

4. Tools and repairs:
A repair kit comes extremely handy in case of a tyre puncture, dead battery, or failed brake system. Learn to use tools so that you can fix the basic issues that your bike might be facing. Fixing a tyre, jumpstarting a bike in case of a dead battery, etc., are skills that will be helpful in situations like these.

5. Invest in two-wheeler insurance:
The breakdown is one of the situations that help us understand the true value of insurance policies. Before embarking on trips, ensure to buy two wheeler insurance online India and regularly keep it up-to-date. Look for options that give you roadside assistance.
Under this cover, your insurance provider is bound to bring help to you wherever you are and help with the repair and movement of the vehicle from the site to the service centre. Getting roadside assistance strengthens your overall insurance policy and safeguards you against situations like these.

These were a list of all things you need to do if your bike breaks down in the middle of a road. As mentioned, it is imperative to keep yourself away from traffic and call for help as soon as possible. Talk to your insurance provider to understand the next steps that need to be taken and ensure the validity of your two wheeler insurance online India. With these things in mind, you can avoid panic and keep yourself and your bike safe.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.