Everything you must know about theft insurance in India

Everything you must know about theft insurance in India  22nd November 2022

We have discussed various types of insurance on this forum: health, personal accident, general, home, health, two-wheeler, motor, and many others. As a consumer, the most important role you need to play is to be aware of the purpose and the benefits of the insurance you are looking for or are ready to purchase. Have you ever wondered about what to do in case of burglary and theft of your possessions with a high financial value? Is there any insurance that helps you cover the costs of the properties or possessions against burglary, stealing, robbery, and other types of theft?

This blog will discuss everything you must know about theft insurance in India, including what kind of losses it can help you compensate for, the claims, benefits, etc. In this space, we will shed light on all the information you should know before you get in touch with an insurance provider or an insurance agent to purchase a theft insurance policy.

1. We are getting started with the basics:
Let the first point cater to the question- What is theft insurance? Theft insurance comes in handy against burglary, stealing/robbery, and other types of theft. It protects against the loss of your valuables in the points mentioned above.
Theft, which will be significantly used in this blog, refers to all kinds of stealing/robbery activities. At the same time, burglary indicates the act of trespassing on someone’s property forcibly and taking away their possessions illegally.

2. Why should you have theft insurance:
Now that you know what theft insurance is, you need to understand the more profound answer to why you need theft insurance. To attain protection against such incidents, it is a good idea to have a theft insurance policy in place. Apart from home, if you own a shop or an office space with items of high financial value, a theft insurance policy helps you recover losses caused by such illegal acts on your property’s premises.

3. A note for you to remember:
You need to be aware of the difference between theft and burglary. Both these illegal acts have their respective covers under theft insurance and burglary insurance plans. To claim theft, you need concrete proof of non-consensual/not forceful and non-violent entry/attempts into the premises of your home or other properties.
Meanwhile, to claim burglary, you need to have solid proof of violent and pushing/forceful attempts to enter the premises to accomplish the burglary. Insurance plans cover theft and burglary, so you can explore all your options with your insurance provider, keeping the difference between these two threateningly illegal activities in mind.

4. What type of coverage and benefits are we talking about:
Always read all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy carefully, which will help you analyse and get more insights into the benefits and coverage limitations.
Theft insurance covers the risks and losses due to damage done by theft in your home or other spaces that you own. The insurance premium is decided based on the history of the claims made, the type of possessions, and the security measures within the property.

5. Limitations you must be aware of:
You will not be compensated for the theft insurance policy under the conditions which have been mentioned below:

● Silver, gold, and other high-value metals

● Hard cash

● Items stolen by members of the family

● Share certificates and possessions stolen by employees and house help

● Thefts that occur during stressful periods like wars, riots, natural disasters, calamities, terrorist attacks

● Absence of security or leaving the possessions uncared for/unlocked on your premises

● Forged theft acts

You must purchase the right theft insurance policy by exploring your options, talking to the insurance provider, and finalising the policy that caters to your needs in the best way possible. Reliable insurance will protect you against monetary stress in light of such unpredictable and dangerous activities.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.