Experience the thrill of powerbocking

Experience the thrill of powerbocking  22nd February 2023

In the hustle and bustle of today’s modern world, youngsters are always looking for an adrenaline rush. This rush has made extreme sports increasingly popular in this day and age. Due to India’s wide geographical variety, many of these sports are offered in different corners. From exploring the mesmerising aquatic life and corals in Andaman to parasailing in Goa, these sports can push you physically and psychologically out of your comfort zone.

However, checking the coverage offered by your personal accident insurance policy before engaging in such sports is always recommended. This ensures that your insurer provides compensation in case of accidents while participating in adventure sports.

One such extreme sport that is getting increasingly popular among young Indians is powerbocking. This blog will introduce you to powerbocking and the thrill you’ll crave once you indulge in it!

What is powerbocking?

Powerbocking is an extreme sport where players wear jumping stilts and jump to great heights. Jumping stilts are specialised leg attachments containing springs to hoist the person into the air. Jump stilts are very exciting! They enhance your ability to do tricks and flips and help you take greater strides, which makes you run faster. These stilts are called powerbocks after the creator, Alexander Bock, a German inventor who first named them powerskip.

It is a popular sport in urban cities, and finding a surface on which you can go powerbocking is essential. Balance being one of the critical factors affecting this sport, it should not be done on grass or dirt, as the boots have a small surface area on the ground, which may lead to injury. Thus, jumping stilts should ideally be used on asphalt or cement. Since this can result in injury due to the hard nature of the surface, you should be equipped with a personal accident insurance policy that covers such accidents and injuries for your physical and financial safety.

While they may seem unfamiliar in Indian settings, they were recently used in an Indian sporting event. Different interesting videos on social media have always been creating a buzz regarding this sporting activity. With time, this event is expected to observe growth in India too.

● Benefits of powerbocking:
Powerbocking makes you feel superhuman without the same risks as other extreme sports. They are most suitable for people who want to feel like bionic humans from the future without any of the associated perils. It is an exciting offbeat adventure sport that one should surely try.

● Risks associated:
Despite being a reasonably harmless sport where the most significant injury is usually a knee scrape, some people have suffered severe injuries while seeking the thrill of jumping in these devices. For such misadventures, it is always advisable to take an extreme sports insurance policy or a personal accident insurance policy covering medical costs for such injuries.

● Powerbocking competitions:
When it comes to any sport, the main thrill of it is the competition. They bring out the competitiveness of the best players in the world and are incredibly engaging to see. As this is a niche adventure sport, there are fewer worldwide competitions, and the most famous ones are in France. The Riser Winter Cup, held each year in Lille, France is one of the most sought-after competitions for powerbockers.

Have you ever watched videos of Kangaroos jumping and wished you could jump that high or take such great strides? Then powerbocking is the perfect sport for you. Just make sure to take the proper precautions before undertaking this sport. And the first step to your security begins with purchasing personal accident insurance policy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.