Five healthy habits that can enhance the life of your bike

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Five healthy habits that can enhance the life of your bike  14th December 2021


Motorcycles are a motorhead's most prized belongings. While some people use them for transportation, others use them for enjoyment and sports. Owning a motorbike requires taking care of it and ensuring that it is not damaged. Even when navigating challenging terrain, a well-maintained bike will not let you down. However, ignoring your bike may result in unnecessary damages.

Keeping your motorbike in perfect condition is as significant as owning it. To help you with that, we've discussed five essential points to keep your motorbike in good working order.

1. Changing your bike’s engine oil at regular intervals:
Multiple mechanical pieces constantly move and rub against each other in your motorcycle's engine every day. To ensure their best functioning and to reduce friction, you must lubricate them with motor oil. Unfortunately, dust and particles thicken the oil with time, reducing its lubricating power. Changing your motorcycle's oil every 2500-3000 kilometres helps improve performance and safeguard the engine from harm caused by outside elements mixed in with the old oil.

2. Checking the drive chain:
The drive chain is an essential component of your motorbike, and neglecting it is a call to a shorter service span. Inspect your drive chain regularly and ensure that the chain tension is correct. Lubricate it, particularly while it's heated. This allows the oil to flow and get into all portions of the chain, making it smooth for functions.

3. Taking care of your tyres:
You simply can't get anywhere without the tyres of your bike. The big rips or cracks on the tyres can cause them to lose friction. Check if the tread depth is within the approved limit. Don't hesitate to change them if you believe they are no longer safe.
Also, check the air pressure of the tyres regularly. The proper air pressure reduces or eliminates the possibility of a puncture, enhances bike control, and extends the life of the tyres.

4. Looking after the filters:
When your bike's air filter is congested, the engine has to work harder. Experts recommend cleaning the air filter using compressed air. If you realize that cleaning the air filter is becoming tricky, it is time to replace it. You must also ensure that the gasoline filter is clean and that the fuel lines are free of corrosion and cracks. You must repair them right away if you see any damage.

5. Checking up on your brakes:
Check brake fluid levels at regular intervals to ensure your motorcycle's brakes are properly functioning. Replace the brake fluid according to the manufacturer's instructions. In addition, you should check the thickness of the brake pads and replace them when needed.

Give your time to work on the above tips to keep your bike operating smoothly. This will help your 2 wheeler survive longer while giving you a comfortable and trouble-free riding experience.

Also, don't delay taking your motorcycle for regular servicing. Although this will cost you a few bucks, if you think of a longer run, you'll only benefit from it. Insurance is another way to take care of your bike. You may purchase 2 wheeler insurance online and choose the one with an attractive premium and additional features to safeguard your vehicle against any mishaps.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.