Five reasons why eating in your car is a bad idea

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Five reasons why eating in your car is a bad idea  29th January 2022


Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons for fatal car accidents. However, calling and texting are not the only forms of distractions for driving. When it comes to the most distracting factors while driving, many individuals overlook eating. If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that we've all had to eat our meals on the go, or at least the majority of us have.

When behind the wheel, drivers must keep their attention on the road and adhere to all safety rules to be safe. People who eat while driving are multitasking and diverting their focus away from the road, putting multiple lives at risk.

Learn more about the unpleasant reality of eating in your car.

1. Reaction set back:
Your response time will be slower and delayed if your eyes and focus aren't on the road. Accidents might occur as a result of delayed reactions. Your brain and senses need to respond swiftly to sudden changes on the road. Therefore, you cannot afford to preoccupy your attention with other activities like sipping coffee or having a burger while driving.

2. Bug alert:
You're creating a biohazard food trap by treating your car as a makeshift dining room. Engineers compress a lot of components into a tight area, a plethora of even narrower spaces that only French fries and breadcrumbs seem to fit. It has the potential to become a gold mine for insects and other small creatures.

3. Health faux pas:
While eating in the car can be handy, it rarely equates to healthy eating. The common fast-food alternatives at drive-through restaurants are easy to devour mindlessly. However, mindless eating is incompatible with regular, more natural eating habits, so you're more likely to ignore your health and instead grab something else at your next stop.

4. Creates distraction:
When you eat while driving, you aren't paying attention to what's happening around you. You might be concerned about staining your clothes or spilling your drink. If your eyes are off the road, you may miss changes in traffic patterns or fail to see a car in your blind zone.

5. Hands off the wheel:
You'll have to take your hands off the wheel at some point if you're eating while driving. Whether opening a packaged sandwich or a lunch box, people who eat while driving will let go of the wheel, generating a disturbance.

Being the person behind the wheel, you cannot take even a slight risk of taking your hands off the wheel. You don't just steer the vehicle, but even the safety of you and your co-passengers.

Negligent driving is a rising issue nationwide, and it needs to be addressed with immediate actions by spreading awareness and implementing the rules strictly. It will also be challenging to claim unintentional damage if proven at fault while driving.

So, say no to eating in the car and maintain good car hygiene. Good upkeeping of the car interiors, regular dry cleaning, and car insurance are considered healthy car habits. So, follow the above tips and check for the best car insurance in India to be financially safe and secure your possession. If you want to live a better lifestyle, it's time to give up eating in your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.