Help your ageing parents tackle loneliness with these practical tips

Help your ageing parents tackle loneliness with these practical tips  29th September 2022

While we live in a more digital world, it's natural for our elderly population to feel left out of meaningful conversations. Many young individuals also find themselves in the self-imposed isolation of the virtual system.

With age, bodily functions are hampered, and our elders don't have the energy as before. Their mental health also takes a toll and is impacted because of the fear of being unable to match with the current generation. The increasing age draws anxiety and health problems, making elders feel lonely and less productive. It is important to consider the elderly who may be alone and far from their children and other loved ones.

Do you have older parents at home? We have listed some measures you can take to lessen the loneliness your elderly parents may feel.

1. Get them out with people:
Social interactions decline with age. The seniors among us can attest to this truth more than anyone else. Their isolation can be alleviated by encouraging them to interact with others. Sometimes, interaction with new people might lead to lifelong friendships. Age shouldn't be a barrier to meeting new people and making new acquaintances. While making new friends is always exciting, a downpour of old memories comes with existing friendships.
Parents have lived longer, so it is natural for them to have lots of anecdotes to share. It just takes someone to listen for them to feel better. So, don't miss out on listening to their stories. Research shows that when seniors are provided opportunities for introspection, they report higher levels of satisfaction with both their lives and the world at large. By learning to control their feelings, they will become warmer, friendly, and, most importantly, less lonely.

2. Encourage for plant / pet:
You can lift seniors' moods and enrich their routines by gifting a plant or animal to care for, giving them a touch of responsibility and affection. In addition, there appears to be a correlation between senior citizens who keep pets and a lower incidence of health problems requiring medical intervention. Caring for plants at home or a nursery and looking after pets help keep the elders occupied with positivity and enjoy cheerful company.

3. Rely on experts:
Geriatric care managers can help seniors who don't have close family nearby. Typically, geriatric care managers are seasoned physicians or carers who figure out how to best meet the emotional and social requirements of their elderly patients.
Caregivers for the elderly spend the opportunity to get to know their patients, start friendly conversations, and engage them in mentally stimulating activities like games and mindful tasks like painting, singing, yoga, etc. Perhaps going for affordable health insurance plans for parents that may include professional services and additional health benefits should be your priority.

4. Communication:
Communicate often with your ageing loved one and engage them in conversation. Your close family member might appreciate more frequent phone calls from you. Communication is the best way to bond with your elders and make them feel valued.

5. Remind them of their importance:
Inviting them to join in on the festivities is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. Inspire them to reach their potential, but avoid giving the impression that any help you provide stems from a sense of obligation on your part. Express your affection for them and let them know that they will always be an important member of your family.

Loneliness doesn't pose an immediate health risk. Therefore, some people might not take the possibility of it seriously. While isolation might not seem like a problem, it can become one if left unchecked. Elders usually don't open up about the problems they face so easily with their family members. Studies and statistics show that the elders are more likely to require hospitalisation, so you must do everything you can to keep them in a positive frame of mind and reward them with affordable health insurance plans for parents to ensure their wellbeing.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.