Here are a few basic hand gestures or signals commonly used by bikers

Here are a few basic hand gestures or signals commonly used by bikers  31st October 2022

One adorable aspect of motorbikes is the sense of excitement that quickly emerges once you start riding. By sharing this passion for bikes, scooters, or both, you may instantly connect with other riders you've never met before from all walks of life.

Riding with a group of passionate bikers is a mesmerising experience, and it never fails to give you the kick you always expect from touring in a group. Staying connected and ensuring clear communication while riding is crucial to keep the entire group organised with proper coordination. Well, this can be achieved by a few basic hand gestures and signals that riders use to communicate their message to the group.

As we know, action speaks louder than words. Similarly, communicating through actions or gestures is the best way to interact with the group while on tour.

Here are some basic motorcycle hand signals commonly used by the bikers.

● Increase speed: Swinging your left arm up and out straight.

● Slow down: Swing your left arm to your side with the palm facing down, straight out in front of you.

● Right turn: Right arm extended, bent at a 90-degree angle, and clinched.

● Left turn: Left arm and hand extended, palm downward.

While not the most thrilling signs, it's important to understand these basic gestures and use them wisely.

Newest rider in the group:

You might have little riding experience if you recently bought a bike or scooter and joined a biker's community. It becomes daunting at first to create bonding and synergy with the group, but as time goes on and with every new trip, you start vibing with the gang.

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Easy-to-Use group ride signals:

● Follow me: Straight up from the shoulder, left arm, palm outward.

● Road hazard: Use your left hand to indicate the left side and your right foot to indicate the right side.

● Fuel: Left arm extended, pointing to tank with extended finger.

● Stop: Left arm down, and palm turned back.

● Comfort stop: Extending the left forearm, clenching the fist in a quick upward and downward motion.

● Refreshment stop: thumb to mouth, fingers closed. Particularly during long-distance trips, where frequent rest stops are necessary.

A few less common hand signals used by the riders:

● Pull off: Pull off with the left arm set up for a right turn and the forearm angled toward the shoulder.

● Come: Swing in an arc from the back to the front with the left arm extended 45 degrees upward, palm forward pointing with the index finger.

● Single file: Straight up the index finger and left arm.

● Double file: Left arm with the index and middle fingers extended straight up.

If you want extra points, use these signals to organise your group or to impress your fellow riders. Although these signals aren't quite as amazing as the "wave," which make your group rides more entertaining and safer. Please heed the following advice and don't worry.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.