Here are a few best remedies for reducing back pain in senior citizens

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Here are a few best remedies for reducing back pain in senior citizens  28th March 2022


Back pain can result from various factors such as strained muscle, exhaustion, or simply because of age. While most back-related issues can be solved using medications and proper postural alignment, the age-related issues might need extra care.

Often back pain is an indicator of various ailments in the body. Keeping track of these indicators and taking immediate action before they lead to severe health conditions can save you money and time. It is advisable for adults above the age of 50 to undergo regular check-ups to eliminate the risks of underlying health conditions. Also, you must invest in a reliable health insurance policy for family to minimise the financial burden related to hospital and medical expenses.

But before that, here are a few ways you can help elderly family members reduce back pain.

1. Being physically active:
Being physically active is the first step to improving your immunity and overall strength. The more active you are, the better you feel. Walking and yoga are the best forms of physical activity for older people. Regular walking has remarkable benefits, and you will start noticing the change in barely a month.

2. Physiotherapy:
Physicians and chiropractors are professionals who know the causes of back pain. They can prescribe healthy exercises to help you attain strength and flexibility. Chiropractors can help you regain postural alignment.

3. Quit smoking:
If you are somebody who smokes, you are more likely to undergo severe degenerative spine problems. Nicotine can weaken your spine and take away vital nutrients from your disc. A healthy spine keeps you flexible and prevents the muscles from getting stiff.

4. Apply heat:
Heat can be applied using various methods such as heat pads, warm baths, or lying under a heat lamp. This helps relax your back muscles and stimulates blood flow. However, excessive heat can cause burns and lead to other problems. After the heat treatment, stretch your muscles to avoid heat spasms.

5. Rest:
Sometimes exerting your body can be the leading cause of back pains. If you are used to lifting heavy things at home or office, you should consider reducing the load or taking some help. Gentle stretching can also help you with relieving the pain.

6. Take note of supplements:
Although the best way to get your nutrients and minerals is from food sources, it is advisable to consult your doctor and check for deficiencies. Calcium, vitamin D, magnesium are a few common deficiencies. If you have one, the doctor will prescribe supplements to combat the lack of vitamins. Hence getting timely medication is an excellent way to ensure better health.

7. Medicated creams:
Creams and ointments can be a quick solution for extreme pain. Ingredients such as menthol camphor cool or numb the area and provide temporary relief.

8. Maintain a healthy weight:
Extra body weight has a direct effect on your spine and knees. Weight loss reduces the amount of mechanical force that the spine experiences. Your doctor can help you chart out the perfect diet that suits your body and lifestyle.

These are some ways to soothe muscles and keep you back in the best shape. However, it is best to visit your doctor if the pain persists. Sometimes surgeries are the only option to combat severe back pain. Invest in a health insurance policy for your family to ensure the best services without worrying about the cost incurred.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.