Here are a few effective ways to defog your car windows during monsoon

Here are a few effective ways to defog your car windows during monsoon  04th August 2022

Monsoon is here, giving us the perfect opportunity to take ourselves out on a drive and snack at roadside eateries. But it also brings the many challenges of navigating through heavy rain, congested roads, and low visibility. Adding to that are the fogged windscreens making driving more challenging on the roads.

When a relatively warmer surface comes in contact with a cold surface, it gives rise to fog or mist. The cold surface of the windscreen forms tiny condensation particles and fogs up the surface obstructing the vision for both the driver and the co-passenger.

A foggy window should not be the reason to dampen your monsoon spirits, which is why, in this article, we will take a look at all tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure a fog-free windscreen for a better driving experience.

1. Invest in a good quality defogger:
As the name suggests, it is used to defog the car windscreen. A defogger uses the air conditioning to draw air from outside the vehicle and passes through a heater to produce hot air. This air can be directed to the area that requires demisting or defogging. Many cars facilitate the defogging targetted towards the front and back windshield.

2. Turn on the air conditioner:
The basic principle behind using an air conditioner is its function as a dehumidifier. An air conditioner helps with removing the moisture inside the car. Manage the temperature on the air conditioner in such a way that the temperature inside the car and outside the car is similar. The AC can then draw air from outside. After this, you can turn on the heater to effectively clear the fog.

3. Crack open the window:
Most modern cars are equipped with a defogger and an AC. If you drive an old car, or your AC and defogger are not working correctly, you might have to consider an alternative.
In these circumstances, your next best alternative is to crack open the window slightly to facilitate the free flow of air. Another way to ensure no fog on the windscreen is by switching on the wipers while keeping the windows open since the fogging happens mainly on the outer surface of the windshield.

4. Use silica balls:
The fogging inside your car happens because of water droplets and condensation from the humid air. Without humidity, there are almost no chances of fogging. Keeping silica balls handy and placing them on the dashboard is a cost-effective alternative to ensure no humidity. Silica balls absorb water from their surroundings, maintaining the interiors fresh and moisture-free.

These were a list of simple yet efficient tips to follow if you face foggy windows during the monsoon drives. Foggy windows can be dangerous and cause severe accidents due to lack of visibility. These simple tips are essential to have a safe driving experience. Another way to ensure their safety is by investing in online motor insurance. Online motor insurance acts as a safety net against expenses you might incur in post care for your vehicle. Enjoy the perks of buying online by getting better premiums, faster claims, and less processing time.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.