Here are a few top magazines you can follow if you're a sports car enthusiast

Here are a few top magazines you can follow if you're a sports car enthusiast  27th June 2022

Who doesn't love cars? We all do. But then there is a different set of people who especially love the sporty and stylish category. What is so special about these sports cars apart from the speed and looks? Only sports car enthusiasts can describe their passion for this!

Are you someone who is looking to read more about sports cars? If yes, we've got you. In this blog, we have curated a list of magazines which would give you all the information about the world of elite sports cars, their history, latest developments, upcoming launches and their features and technology. Let's get started.

1. Autocar India:

Autocar India magazine is one of the oldest circulated car magazines in the world. The magazine talks all about cars, headlines of the world of cars, their new features, road tests and their results, used cars, new launches, upcoming models, and much more. The Autocar India magazine is the Indian edition of the British magazine about automobiles published by the Haymarket Media Group.

2. Car India:

Known as one of the most informative car magazines, Car India has everything a car lover needs to satisfy their curiosities. This magazine explores every nook and corner of the car manufacturing industry.
It brings you the details and the latest trends and developments in newer and older car models, information about cutting-edge technologies, innovation taking place in the automobile sector and much more. Get a subscription as soon as possible and quench your inner car fanatic's thirst with this great piece of content!

3. Auto Today:

Looking to choose between two cars but are confused? Don't worry. Auto Today magazine is going to solve all your problems. You've got all the information you need in this magazine- car reviews, comparisons in features, user reviews, testimonials, statements from car manufacturers and companies, advice, pointers to be careful about before buying your new car and a lot more.
You do not need to sit and browse through everything and strain your eyes. Get clear and compact information through the Auto Today magazine to help you make an informed decision.

4. Autocar Professional:

This magazine gets delivered fortnightly. The leading Indian Business to Business (B2B) magazine, Autocar Professional, talks about heavy and intricate details about cars. The magazine's content is calculated and compiled after extensive research in the automobile sector. If you enjoy learning about the minutest of details and are interested in the field of car analysis and study, Autocar Professional is the magazine you should opt for.
It identifies the patterns in manufacturing and other processes, making it a crucial resource for people keen on learning about automobiles. The magazine also contains insightful and crisp interviews, direct vehicle sales and accurate data regarding production and technologies. Want to see what goes on in the deeper end of the automobile sector? Subscribe to Autocar Professional magazine and get your brain motor churning.

Evo India, Overdrive magazine, Motoring World magazine, TransREporter, and Commercial Vehicle magazine are other renowned names sports enthusiasts can look into. These magazines give you quality information and the current developments, insights and analyses of different trends, performances, sales, etc.

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