Here are a few ways to get the best car insurance in India with reliable accident coverage

Here are a few ways to get the best car insurance in India with reliable accident coverage  29th September 2022

Car accidents do not come after announcements. Irrespective of the intensity of the accident, it is bound to stress you with a financial burden, bodily harm, or in worse cases- both. While we cannot prevent mishaps, taking precautions against potential risks is essential. Most people still undermine the importance of reliable car insurance that provides comprehensive coverage against accidental damages.

An accident cover provides monetary compensation in case of accidents that may leave the policyholder deceased, wholly or partially disabled, temporarily or permanently.

What is accident coverage in a car insurance policy?
An accident cover provides monetary compensation in case of accidents that may leave the policyholder deceased, wholly or partially disabled for a temporary or permanent period.

Factors to consider while choosing a car accident insurance cover.
In the era of digitalisation, you do not need to visit any insurance provider to buy an insurance cover. Purchasing car insurance online is straightforward and allows comparison between several policies to find the best one for you- saving time and money. The main challenge is to find the right insurance for you. Here are a few tips for finding the best car insurance in India with efficient accident protection.

1. Scope of plan:
Car insurance provides accidental cover in two forms- personal coverage of an individual (driver and occupants) or third-party damage. The premium amount and cover will change depending on the scope of inclusivity. Choose an appropriate plan after comparing the cost and benefits of different covers and choose the one with maximum benefits at an attractive deal.

2. Inclusive benefits:
Personal accident cover in car insurance plans includes permanent partial disablement rider, permanent total disablement rider, or accidental death benefit rider. Along with these benefits, look for additional benefits that your insurance provider may include in the plan, like ambulance, medicine, or allied recovery costs, which can help significantly reduce the final bills you will have to pay from your pocket.

3. Premium and coverage:
Premium plays a crucial role in accident covers of car insurance. Select an appropriate premium amount for each year so that it is not a burden on your income and provides you with a sum large enough to cover any expenses you may incur by meeting an accident or any allied expenses.

4. Insurance provider’s rating:
It is necessary to check the insurance provider's reputation in the industry before purchasing any insurance; car insurance is no exception. Ensure to check public reviews and ask your acquaintances about their prior experiences with the company.

5. Protection to occupants:
It is advised to closely understand the terms and conditions of car insurance that compensates family members or other occupants in case the accident leads to their disabilities or death. Generally, the policyholder must pay an additional premium to extend the coverage to the occupants or co-passengers in the car during the accident. This allows the policyholder to receive requisite medical attention without worrying about the costs.

6. Claim settlement:
Claim settlement rate, method of benefit payout, and settlement time are of the essence when choosing insurance. A reputed insurance company that processes claims within a few days with minimal paperwork is ideal for minimising stress related to getting compensation.

7. Exclusions:
Before choosing a plan, check what is excluded from its cover. Usually, driving under the influence of intoxication, suicidal attempts, and involving in dangerous racing sports are excluded from the accident cover of the car insurance. Read all the terms and conditions and clarify your doubts before purchasing the policy.

Safety is the greatest and crucial aspect we must ensure while driving on the roads. While you cannot prevent accidents, you can minimise their impact on your finances, your car's well-being, and the damage to third parties by purchasing the best car insurance in India. Good car insurance is the essential safety net to protect your assets and increase longevity. As responsible drivers, you need to drive carefully, avoid over-speeding, and take care of all safety parameters like wearing seatbelts and regular car maintenance.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.