Here are a few ways to identify worn-out brake pads and fix them

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Here are a few ways to identify worn-out brake pads and fix them  31st January 2022


If you own a car, you have to check on different parts that might require maintenance and replacement from time to time. You cannot be careless; otherwise, it might risk your and your family's safety and cause damage to your vehicle. In addition, it might restrict your dependency on it until the issues get fixed. Therefore, you need to stay ahead of these problems and watch for future repair and upkeep indications.

This article will discuss a few ways to identify worn-out brake pads and how to fix them. Now, worn-out brake pads are a thing you can miss out on while driving your car. But, first, you need to understand why you need to change your brake pads and how often you should change them.

Brake pads are made from various materials, ranging from metallic to composite to ceramic. However, irrespective of the material they're made of, you are supposed to replace them occasionally. Therefore, making sure that your car stays operational is very important, and changing worn-out brake pads is a part of accomplishing that. In addition, replacing your brake pads helps you in minimising your vehicle maintenance costs.

Now let's discuss WHY you need to change your car's brake pads:
1. Brake pads don't last the lifetime of your car and need to be changed at regular intervals.

2. They lose their efficiency every time you drive your car. So, the more you drive your vehicle, the more worn out the brake pads will be.

3. If you use your vehicle occasionally, the brake pads will still need replacement later than those who use their car frequently.

4. The car's ability to stop effectively reduces with worn-out brake pads. As a result, the overall effectiveness of the braking system also decreases.

5. The diminishing ability of your car to stop due to worn-out brake pads might lead to severe accidents, endanger the lives of the passengers, and cause severe damage to the vehicle.

HOW to identify if it's time to replace your car's brake pads:
1. It is helpful to have a brake pad sensor and "alert" light in your car. The light turns on, giving a notification that your brake pads need replacement.

2. Screeching or squealing noises while driving or applying the brakes indicate worn-out brakes.

3. Replace the brake pads if you notice that the car brakes are shaking. You will also realise that more effort is required to stop the car, and the braking is no longer smooth.

4. There is a grinding noise upon hitting the pedal.

5. During an oil change, when your car mechanic informs you about wearing and tearing of brake pads.

6. If they have reached their limit of service. Brake pads come with a stipulated period to work to their best performance. Eventually, they deteriorate in quality due to constant friction and wear and tear.

Now that we have discussed a few ways to identify worn-out brake pads, it would be wise to invest in car insurance to claim proper maintenance and various expenditures in unprecedented circumstances. You can explore all available insurance options and buy online car insurance that suits you best for your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.