Here are some tips for maintaining your bike’s drive chain to ensure its longevity

Here are some tips for maintaining your bike’s drive chain to ensure its longevity  27th February 2023

A bike drive chain consists of interconnected oval loops made of metal, forming a roller chain. The teeth of a sprocket gear mesh with the holes in the links of the chain. The mechanical force from the engine puts the bike chain in motion, which causes the bike's wheels to rotate. Hence, a bike's drive chain is an important part and must be handled properly.

A drive chain is usually the dirtiest part of our bike. It is oiled and greased, catching loads of dust and mud from the roads. Here are some tips for maintaining your bike's drive chain to ensure longevity.

1. Periodic cleaning:
Regular cleaning keeps it free from dirt build-up, rust, and breakage. You should regularly check your drive chain by lifting the rear wheel of your bike off the ground and manually rotating the drive chain. You should check every chain link and use a firm brush to clean them.
If you hear squeaking sounds from the chain while riding your bike, it is time for relubrication. Also, you should check for tight links that are not bending easily. Clean them properly and lubricate them to ensure their free movement. It will also prevent rust build-up.

2. Lubricant quality:
Always use a good quality lubricant to ensure its longevity. It should be specifically made for a bike's drive chain and should not be just any lubricant.
Dirt and mud damage the drive chain. The lubricant should be such that it should minimise the accumulation of dust and grime on the drive chain. Also, it should be long-lasting as the drive chain will wear down and get damaged if the lubricant is less or missing.

3. Do not over-lubricate:
Over-lubrication is harmful to the drive chain. It will attract more dust, mud, and concrete from the roads and damage the drive chain. To ensure smooth operation, you should always wipe off excess lubricants with a rag.

4. Thorough cleaning of the drive chain:
In case you ride your bike through muddy roads frequently or use it on rough terrains such as a mountain, you should remove the chain completely when it becomes excessively dirty. You can remove it yourself or seek the help of a mechanic.
Use a good quality chain solvent available in the market and soak your chain in it for the prescribed time. Then scrub hard to remove the dirty grime from the chain links. The solvent will do its job, and your chain will become clean and grime-free. Relubricate your drive chain once completely dry, and put it back in the bike.

5. Stretched chains:
Sometimes your bike's drive chain seems to stretch and become loose. This is because of normal wear and tear of the chain with usage. A loose drive chain cannot provide a good grip for the movement of the wheels and may even slip from its cog.
Check for a loose drive chain regularly, and get it fixed as soon as you find one. Ignoring it may cause further damage to the drive chain, and you will have to replace it.

The drive chain of your bike is a very important part of its smooth running. You must take good care of the chain to keep it in its best shape. Clean it regularly and keep it sufficiently lubricated to ensure its longevity.

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