Here are the advantages of having ORVM in your car

Here are the advantages of having ORVM in your car  16th November 2022

Any car driver wants a clear view of their surroundings in the front and back to judge traffic properly. This helps him to drive without any roadblocks or hesitation and minimizes the chances of a possible accident. But how will a driver have a clear view of what is behind his car while driving?

A driver gets eyes on the back of the car with the help of ORVMs and IRVM. ORVM means the “Outer rear-view mirrors,” while IRVM is the Inside rear-view mirror. ORVM is a compulsory part of any car in India. It is mounted to the outside of a vehicle near the driver’s gate and the gate of the front passenger.

Let us go through the advantages of having ORVM in our car.

1. Clear visibility:
ORVMs are an excellent solution for having a clear view of the rear sides of the car. A driver can glance at any of the ORVM and have a view of that respective side of the car. This helps him to know about the traffic behind his car. ORVMs are especially useful while changing lanes on streets and highways. Also, they help us see if there is any vehicle in our proximity while taking a turn or reversing our car.

2. Prevents accidents:
ORVMs eliminate blind spots and give us a clear picture of what is behind us. This helps us to make quick decisions about when and how to change lanes, take a turn or reverse our car. A driver can easily access and operate it while driving. Without ORVMs, it can be difficult to know if obstacles and vehicles are behind us, and the chances of an accident get very high.

3. Convenience:
Older cars had manual ORVMs, and we had to open and close them by hand, making their operation and use inconvenient. But with advancement of technology, cars of the modern age come equipped with electric and auto-fold ORVMs. They are very convenient to use.
Whenever we unlock our car with the remote, the ORVM opens up automatically and gets closed when we lock our car with the remote in case of auto-fold ORVMs. Automatic ORVMs come with adjusters that the driver can easily operate to ensure a perfect vision.

4. Turn-signal repeaters:
Side turn-signal repeaters are usually installed on the ORVMs in cars these days. They give a fancy look to the car and do their job of signaling to other vehicles that the car will take a turn. Also, they are more effective in giving a turn signal than indicators installed on the body of a car.

5. Cameras:
Cars nowadays come with a 360-degree view that enhances our safety and visibility of any obstacle around the entire car and not just one of its sides. Now, how does this feature work? A 360-degree view is possible with the help of multiple cameras installed in the car.
Cameras on the rear bumper are a common feature in many cars. However, besides the front bumper, ORVMs come equipped with cameras that give us a clear side view of the car on our screen. Thus, ORVMs act as the eyes of the car on the sides and provide us with enhanced safety and security.

As we have seen, there are multiple advantages to having ORVMs in our cars. They are not just show-piece but are meant to be used extensively while driving. Having the perfect vision of the outside of the car is paramount while driving, and ORVMs justify this objective. They make our journey safer, and a lot easier and minimize the chances of an accident.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.