Here are the top three parts that can make your bike more fuel-efficient

Here are the top three parts that can make your bike more fuel-efficient  27th June 2022

With fuel prices skyrocketing now more than ever, it has become a rule of thumb to ensure that the vehicles you purchase or use, are fuel-efficient. Consumption of a limited amount of fuel can be an escape from burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, fuel-efficient vehicles help to reduce pollution and smog. So, making your vehicle fuel efficient can cause significant changes in your lifestyle, and you can contribute your part towards the biggest concerns of climate change.

Are you looking for suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint through less fuel consumption? Or do you wish to make your vehicle more fuel-efficient so you don’t burn through your savings?

This blog will discuss how you can achieve a more fuel-efficient vehicle using various techniques. Here are the top three parts that can make your bike more fuel-efficient. Let’s get started.

1. Give a rest to those breaks:

Your bike will consume less fuel and give you a better mileage if you unnecessarily avoid using brakes. Also, by preventing rash and aggressive driving, you save substantial fuel. Accelerating out of bounds and then hastily using the brakes will cause your vehicle to consume more fuel and power, thus diminishing the whole purpose of making your vehicle more fuel-efficient.
Always ensure you drive within the specified speed limit and abide by the traffic rules. This will not only help your bike stay in good condition but also prevent any accidents.

2. Be careful about the frequent gear change:

Along with the brakes, you must also ensure that you avoid changing the gears frequently and hastily. Driving at a constant speed will not only help you be safe on the road but will also consume less fuel, thus raising the fuel efficiency of your bike.
If you continuously operate your bike in the highest gears even when you don’t need it, it will lead to unnecessary fuel usage. Instead, always ensure that the operating gears are suitable for the road conditions you are driving in.

3. Take care of the tyres:

You must take care of the tyres to ensure that your two-wheeler consumes less fuel and maintains a good grip on the road. To take care of it, check if they are not underinflated. In the case of underinflated tyres, drag is created, increasing the friction, thus requiring more power and fuel to move the bike forward.
This unwanted drag can make it difficult for you to drive your vehicle. Properly inflated tyres reduce the drag, thus requiring a low power supply from the engine. This results in lesser fuel consumption.

Now, you need to keep an eye on the pressure and the amount of air-filled in the tyres. They must be inflated according to the default prescribed levels set by the bike manufacturer. Anything more or less than the mentioned limits can cause damage to the tyres and, in turn, the bikes.

Some other ways to make your bike more fuel-efficient include:

● proper maintenance of the bike and all its parts, using authentic and manufacturer-recommended spare parts in case of any damage

● driving safely and calmly

● purchasing the best fuel for your motorcycle

● check the air filters, and in case of any clogging, clean them

● regularly cleaning up your engine

We hope this blog provided valuable insights on making your bike fuel-efficient. Saving on fuel and spending extra during damages is not a wise thing to do. The best solution can be to purchase bike insurance to protect your bike against any damages, some of which might be sudden. Therefore, you must explore different options and buy the best bike insurance online to cater to your needs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.