Here are the ways you can identify a broken nose and perform aftercare

Here are the ways you can identify a broken nose and perform aftercare  21st December 2022

With a significant emphasis on laborious work that yields marginal returns, there is no alternative to physical effort. As the intense nature of work causes accidents routinely, and the risk of mishaps continues, making personal accident insurance India is a necessary investment.

One of our body’s most overlooked and fragile parts is the nose. It directly impacts the facial structure and looks of a person. It is a very delicate structure made of two bones that can snap for multiple reasons, resulting in a broken nose. Identifying a broken nose is crucial at the earliest to providing proper medical attention and effectively performing aftercare.
Read on to learn about identifying a fractured nose, precautions, and best aftercare tips!

Causes for a broken nose:
It is essential to know its formation to understand the causes of a fractured nose. The two bones in your nose are located at the bridge where your sunglasses rest. They make the base of the structure and space for cartilage. Technically, the cartilage cannot break since it is flexible, which implies that a broken nose refers to a fractured nose bridge.

A broken nose bridge can be a result of various factors, including but not limited to the following:

● Sport injuries

● Automobile accidents

● Physical violence

● Slamming the face into inflexible objects

● Falling face first

Signs of a nasal fracture:

The nose has a significant impact on the look of your face. Therefore, a broken nose is quite easily identifiable. However, here are some signs that determine if your nose is broken:

● Shooting pain from the nose

● Bruising at the nose and under the eyes

● Slight crookedness of the nose when compared to its regular structure

● Sudden nosebleeds and mucus discharge

● Difficulty in breathing from either or both nostrils

It is best to get your nose checked, even if you do not notice any visible signs.

Can it be treated at home?
It is recommended to rush to the hospital to address the injury immediately. Waiting for the bleeding or discomfort to stop further complicates the issue. Do not consider solving the problem at home. Seek a medical professional’s attention immediately. Usually, personal accident insurance India covers the medical costs of the injury.

Medical procedure:
Depending on the severity of the issue, you may have to undergo a CT scan or an X-ray. A hairline fracture can be treated using some ice and painkillers. You may require surgery to realign the bones and antibiotics for severe issues. At the most, it should take two to three weeks for your nose to heal.

Once the medical professionals have assessed the situation and taken appropriate steps to stop the pain, bleeding, or discomfort, it is vital to follow proper steps to make the treatment effective and heal your nose.

● Icing is recommended to soothe the pain, especially immediately after the injury. A cold compress using ice wrapped up in cloth is the easiest way to tend to the pain.

● If prescribed, make use of painkillers. However, do not act without the doctor’s approval and ask for medicines instead of self-diagnosing painkillers.

● Keep your head tilted up as much as possible. Avoid pressure on the nose caused by sleeping sideways or on your stomach.

● Avoid strenuous activities that can break your nose again until your nose heals.

A broken nose can be a painful accident to deal with. While there are no ways to prevent accidents, buying personal accident insurance India can help reduce the burden on you. Avoid distractions while doing a task that requires more focus. Be cautious always and prioritise your safety.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.