Here's all you need to know about the driver and passenger cover in car insurance

Here's all you need to know about the driver and passenger cover in car insurance  30th June 2022

Road trips with family members, friends, or companions are a pleasant experience to enjoy. You are jamming to your favourite songs, catching updates about one another's personal life, enjoying the views of the route, and are just taking a much-needed break from your hectic work life. All this sounds amazing, comfortable, and convenient. But what would happen if something suddenly goes downhill and you land in a chaotic situation you did not expect?

You must know and be aware of the practical solutions before you end up in a chaotic situation. This blog will discuss the driver and the co-passenger aspects of car insurance. So, here's all you need to know about car insurance's driver and passenger cover. Let's get started!

1. In accidents, passengers get severely injured along with the drivers. As a mitigation measure to avoid financial stress during unfortunate circumstances, getting a passenger's insurance would help to protect their life.

2. The policy covers up to two lacs of hospital and medical bills and permanent or short-term disability liability. In case of the passenger's death, the financial support will go to the nominees or the person to whom the policyholder assigned the money and the responsibility.

3. Personal accident insurance is mandatory for the owner and the driver of the designated vehicle. Passenger insurance is separately entitled insurance unrelated to personal accident insurance. Although, do not mistakenly assume that the lack of enforcement to get a passenger's insurance is something you can be careless about. Secure everyone's lives-whoever is travelling in your car.

4. There are various types of car insurance coverages for both the drivers and the passengers. These include (owner-driver) personal accident insurance, paid drivers' accident coverage, and unnamed passenger personal accident insurance, to name a few. The paid drivers' personal accident coverage ensures that whoever you hire to drive your car is enlisted in that insurance as a paid driver. You can get this add-on benefit in exchange for a small amount. This tends to be a massive plus in the long run, especially during sudden accidents or risks. The individual registered under the title of the paid driver is only eligible for the amount the insurance is supposed to cover.

Unnamed passenger personal accident insurance can be bought as an add-on to protect the life of the passengers travelling in your insured car. You can select the add-ons according to the number of passengers your vehicle can have. And it is mandatory that during sudden situations where you might land in an accident, or something unfortunate happens, this benefit will be only applicable if there are not more than the legally permitted number of passengers (according to your car model and government and companies' instructions).
As the owner of the car and someone who owns a driving licence, you must have owner-driver personal accident insurance under your auto insurance. The insurance amount would be passed on to your legal and enlisted heirs in case of physical disabilities or death due to a vehicle under your name.

5. The owner-driver and the passenger cover under auto insurance act as a secondary safety net for you and your fellow passengers. Usually, standard insurance policies do not offer you such benefits. In the case of the owner-driver personal accident insurance, the insurance company will ensure that the amount reaches the nominee of your insurance in case of any death or tragic circumstances.

As we are already discussing insurance, you must also consider your car's security. Your car is your asset, and you must protect it under comprehensive car insurance. You can also save a considerable cost by avoiding intermediaries' involvement. Buy online car insurance and eliminate the unnecessary stress of the cumbersome process, long waiting time, and commissions to agents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.