Here’s how smart helmets are set to change the riding experience

Here’s how smart helmets are set to change the riding experience  27th February 2023

Helmets are protective headgear that can save your life in case you fall from a running two-wheeler or collide with another vehicle. Also, wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is compulsory under Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Imagine if a helmet can detect drunk driving, location tracking, navigation, a hands-free device, and several other functions other than just protecting your head during a ride. Yes, this is all possible with the advent of intelligent helmets.

This article tells how smart helmets are set to change your riding experience.

1. Detecting a helmet:
Many two-wheeler riders do not wear a helmet intentionally. Also, some may forget to wear it while leaving home or the office. This can be dangerous to their lives in case they meet with an accident on their way. Smart helmets are equipped with Force Sensing Sensor (FSR) that detects whether the rider is wearing a helmet. It senses actual human touch. If it does not detect it, you will not be able to turn on the ignition of your two-wheeler.

2. Alcohol sensor:
Smart helmets can also be fitted with a gas sensor that can identify the alcohol content from your breath. It can be placed right in front of your mouth, detect if you are drunk, and prevent your vehicle from starting. This can be very helpful in avoiding an accident due to drunken driving.

3. Accident detection:
Smart helmets can detect accidents and alert a phone number by sending a message. It makes use of accelerometers and vibration sensors for this purpose. A free-fall sensing unit can detect when the two-wheeler falls freely and is not in control. Similarly, a vibration sensor senses signals and pressure and sends a message to the registered mobile number. This can be life-saving in times of an accident as the receiver of the message can instantly rush to the accident spot or alert friends, police, and an ambulance to reach the spot.

4. Over-speeding and rash driving alert:
Smart helmets can also alert you if you are riding above the speed limit fed into it or are driving rashly. Such alerts warn you to reduce your speed and drive carefully.

5. Bluetooth connectivity:
Smart helmets can be connected to your bike and mobile phone via Bluetooth. This can allow you to make calls or answer them safely while riding your two-wheeler.

6. Navigation, location tracking, and recording:
Smart helmets come equipped with a GPS device that can accurately tell the rider’s location. This can be useful in times of emergency or theft of your two-wheeler. Also, they can help in navigation while you are riding your two-wheeler.

You can also install hi-tech cameras on your smart helmets. They can record and store all the details of your rides, such as speed, distance covered, time taken, etc. This can be very helpful for bikers and racers.

Smart helmets are a world in itself, with numerous options for adding or removing applications and additional devices per rider needs. They can completely change how you have been riding your two-wheelers. They help to make your rides much safer and technologically advanced than a regular conventional helmet.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.