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Home Security during festive seasons  27th Nov 2019

Though the home is a synonym of safety, home burglaries are common and have gone up rapidly in recent times. Festival theft is another concern, and a study shows that the highest home burglary rate in India is during festive seasons. Read on to know about five preventive steps to ensure your home is a safer haven during the festival season and after.

Hiring a security guard or a watchman

Most of the housing societies execute due diligence on the security features, including hiring trained security guards. If you are not living in one of the high-rise buildings rather a private land-based home, then a security guard is a must for you. A trustworthy watchman is a resource who works as a deterrent to burglars and ensures the complete safety of your home. Opt for a guard from professionally licensed security companies and always take a security guard that has previous security experience and is adequately verified.

Under surveillance — installing CCTVs

Technology is more of a boon than a bane for all. According to a Delhi Police report, crime reports have decreased to half after installing CCTVs in Old Delhi's Chandni Chowk Market. The same statement holds true for most of the residential colonies. Installing CCTVs at your home allows you to keep an eye on suspicious elements and prevents any potential theft. During the festive season, it is more imperative to have a security scanner that alerts you about any suspicious activity around your premises.

Lock it all when you leave

During the festival season, there is a spurt in burglary, even in locked houses. When you need to leave your home, make sure that all your windows and doors are closed and properly secured. One of the biggest mistakes people make is hiding the keys in the most obvious places, under the rug or behind the nameplate. Also, don't let burglars assume that no one is in the house. Ask neighbours or depute someone to pick the newspaper from the doorways and switch on the door lights in the night.

Bank lockers are better than home safes

There is no argument that a bank locker is always a safer place for your valuables. Banks have a robust security system to safeguard your valuables. The presence of a security guard and a high level of surveillance to monitor entry and exit in the bank's locker room add another layer of security protection to your valuables. However, if you are still keeping jewelry and valuables for the festive season at home, use electronic safes ranging from mechanical safe to the wall-mounted high-end safes.

And, consider taking a

home insurance


Security tools and technology will help make your home secure to a certain extent, but considering the increase in home burglaries nowadays, nothing can be said with surety. A good head start would be opting for the best home insurance policy in India that safeguards your home from any loss and damage.