How can you obtain a duplicate two-wheeler insurance in case you lost your original

How can you obtain a duplicate two-wheeler insurance in case you lost your original  04th August 2022

Your insurance for a two-wheeler is an essential document without which you should not risk travelling. The Motor Vehicle Act mandates the importance of carrying your insurance papers. These documents provide information about the rider, including your two-wheeler's registration number and your purchased insurance policy.

The policy documents contain all the essential information required to identify your vehicle, its legality status, the rider's identity, the dealership, your insurance provider, and much more. This information portrays the rider as a responsible citizen who would abide by the safety protocols on the road and, therefore, can be entrusted to drive around without causing any trouble.

There is always a possibility for human error. In this case, what if you end up losing your insurance policy documents? So, how do you solve this problem, and how can you obtain a duplicate 2 wheeler insurance if you lost your original? This blog will answer all your questions and provide you with better information so that you can stay informed and know what to do in case you end up in a similar situation.

1. Lodge a complaint:
For a policy which is bought offline, your first step in obtaining a duplicate two-wheeler insurance will be to file a complaint. Visit your nearest police station and ask them to file an FIR about your missing insurance documents.
You will need to give them essential information like your policy number, your insurance provider, description of the vehicle, the type of policy, details about add-on coverage options if you opted for any, and your personal information like name, job role, contact number, etc. This document will then be verified and attested saying that you lost your insurance and will be sent to your insurance provider claiming the same.

2. Apply for the duplicate insurance documents:
Now that you have a copy of the registered FIR supporting the loss of your insurance documents, you need to apply for a duplicate copy of your 2 wheeler insurance. You will be required to draft an application letter claiming your missing insurance documents and how you would like to request a duplicate set of the documents for future purposes.
Make sure you attach the FIR and your application to support your case. If your insurance policy is a joint one, both policyholders must sign the letter, which will be submitted to your insurance company.

3. For the formal request:
You must sign an indemnity bond stating that you would like to make a formal request to get a duplicate set of your insurance documents. The indemnity bond is to be signed on a non-judicial stamp paper.
Details like your name, the joint policyholder's name (in case of a joint policy), policy number, etc., are mentioned on the indemnity bond. Apart from this process, the bond requires signatures from two witnesses who should not be a part of your family. The insurance company might ask you for proof of your financial standing.

4. Newspaper advertisement:
Another step you can include (if required) in this process is publishing an advertisement in the newspapers mentioning the loss of your documents, the insurance provider's name, and other required details for identification. Make sure to submit the copy of advertisement to your insurance company. Submit all the supporting documents mentioned above, and the organisation will give you a duplicate set of your insurance documents after their verification process.

Obtain your car insurance copy online:
As against the tedious offline method, you can also get your duplicate car insurance policy online by sitting at home. This is possible only if the policy is bought online. To get this;
• Visit the website of your car insurance provider
• Login to your account by putting your account details, policy number, name, age, phone number, etc.
• Go to the policy download option
• You will receive the policy document through email to your registered email address
• Download the car insurance policy document and keep the digital or printed copy along with your other car documents.

Protecting your vehicles with a reliable insurance policy is paramount for their safety. Mishaps can sometimes severely impact your two-wheeler. Getting the best 2 wheeler insurance that suits your needs will help you stay stress-free regarding your financial worries in such emergencies. Your insurance provider will undertake the expenses required for your two-wheeler's repair and maintenance work.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.