How do the handlebars of the bike impact the riding experience

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How do the handlebars of the bike impact the riding experience  05th August 2022

Ten minutes of your time on a road, you can see many bikes, varying designs, different builds, unique colours, etc. Some people choose to customise their vehicle according to their liking by changing the frame, engine, headlights, horn, or handlebar for a better driving experience.

You might wonder how these changes help with the riding experience and why is the standard built not sufficient? Experienced bikers know what suits their bikes better and what would give them a better riding experience. To match their vision, they customise their bikes.

This article will take up a less talked about subject; Handlebars. How do different handlebars affect the riding experience? And what are the different kinds of handlebars available in the market?

Let's discuss a few types of handlebars available in the market and their benefits.

1. Clip-on handlebars:
They are a set of two-piece components fixed directly onto your front fork. Because of this, no extra tools or materials are needed to fix the handlebar. Since the set-up is fairly simple, it gives great flexibility and movement to the bike. These are more specifically used for racing and sporting bikes.
The most significant advantage of clip-on handlebars is that they can be adjusted as per the rider's requirements. Since these are lightweight, it's easier to manoeuvre. For the bikers to handle the bars, they need to bend forward, which gives them a great aerodynamic push during racing.

2. Z-bar handlebars:
These angular handlebars aren't too wide or tall. These are better suited for bikes that have a narrow build. These are a budget-friendly alternative as opposed to other handlebars. They offer one of the most relaxed driving positions and are sufficiently agile for better manoeuvring. These handlebars are better suited for casual riding as opposed to clip-ons that are made for sports bikes.

3. Moustache handlebars:
Moustache handlebars give better control to the rider, especially when navigating treacherous roads. For off-roading, moustache handlebars provide a better stance to the rider so they can navigate and enjoy the view without worrying about their handlebars' position.

4. Frisco handlebars:
Narrow frames characterise Frisco handlebars, and the handles are turned towards the biker. These are fitted into narrow bikes with high-rise chassis. These bikes have a better ground clearance than any other bike model.
The Frisco handlebars are made specifically for these bikes to navigate through heavy traffic or congested roads. The smaller handlebars might provide less radius, but they help manoeuvre through heavy traffic.

5. Ape hangers:
Half of the bike enthusiasts consider these the most comfortable set of handlebars available in the market. For tall riders, these can be the most comfortable, while for others, if it is not set according to their height, the hands and back would go numb. These give a more upright position and eliminate the need to hunch over. These are supposedly the best handlebars in the market for long road trips.

These are a few of the most common handlebars in the market. Remember to talk to an expert mechanic who can understand your vision and comfort before adjusting a handlebar. Handlebars and other accessories add the desired look and comfort to make your riding experience more fun and comfortable. Wondering how to add more value to your bikes? Invest in bike insurance .

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