How embedded insurance is set to accelerate the pace of insurance penetration

How embedded insurance is set to accelerate the pace of insurance penetration  30th March 2023

There are numerous general insurance companies in India offering multiple insurance products. However, most of the population is opposed to purchasing these insurance safety instruments despite the dire need for long-term stability. Recognising the slack in demand for purchasing specific policies, general insurance companies in India have developed a new way to make insurance products more accessible.

Embedded insurance, also known as bundling insurance, is the latest method of partnering with a third-party brand and offering consumers complimentary insurance or with a nominal fee over the transition cost. It helps make insurance accessible by bundling it for customers.

However, if you wonder how embedded insurance can expand opportunities and build strong customer journeys, read on.

What is embedded insurance?
Embedded insurance enables a third-party provider to introduce innovative insurance products for customers. It provides consumers with more affordable, personalised, and relevant insurance. It also allows general insurance companies in India to access underserved and untapped markets.

How embedded insurance helps increase insurance penetration in India? Insurance penetration is calculated as a percentage of total premiums collected relative to the country's GDP. According to the IRDAI, the country's general insurance penetration is about 1%. India's insurance penetration is lower than in developed countries.
However, we anticipate an increase in insurance penetration due to embedded insurance.

Here's how embedded insurance transforms the insurance sector and increases insurance penetration.

1. Charging the untapped markets
This insurance allows insurers to access a new market. With embedded insurance, general insurance companies in India can provide microfinance companies with policies like personal accident insurance and more to target a specific audience. Insurers and third parties can expand the insurance sector's reach in India's underdeveloped markets with the help of embedded insurance. It allows them to reach the untapped rural market, increasing insurance penetration deeper in the country.

2. Innovating product offerings
Insurers can construct personalised and more relevant insurance policies using consumer data that was not recorded or digitised. Customers can also change the insurance policy's features, coverage, cost, etc., and discontinue them if they are no longer reasonable.

3. Enhanced customer experience
Embedded insurance boosts customer satisfaction, resulting in greater opportunities for general insurance companies in India to market their services and products. It also provides more customised coverage, allowing customers to change plans and premiums according to their needs. This way, it offers more significant benefits and value to the customers.

4. Low client acquisition costs
General insurance companies in India spend roughly 20% of their income on advertising to new clients. Embedded insurance decreases the churn rate by engaging policyholders at the right time in their journey. Also, the effective cost of customer acquisition is lower than other insurance.

5. Streamlined onboarding
Many people consider insurance an inconvenient procedure requiring a series of steps. Embedded insurance gives customers a streamlined issuing process, making insurance simple and inexpensive. This applies to the claim procedure too. The smooth operations of embedded insurance is a boon for Indians to invest in insurance massively.

Embedded insurance has much potential, but businesses must balance the efficiency and speed of business operations, regulatory compliance, and customer protection for this model to succeed.

Many general insurance companies in India are now integrating the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data analytics, and other technologies to transform the insurance industry and deliver a hassle-free customer experience. While it will require time for adoption, it is a welcome move to increase penetration rates. Insurers must use the momentum and improve their dependability to gain consumer trust.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.