How mice threaten your bike and how you can prevent it

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How mice threaten your bike and how you can prevent it  29th January 2022


Indoor rodent infestations may have significantly reduced over the years; however, they still pose a threat outdoors. While we hear several stories about the damage caused by rodents and insect infestations in cars, we rarely hear about how badly they can damage two-wheelers.

Rodents, particularly mice and rats, are primarily attracted to areas where they can find ample warmth and hide. For them, bikes that have been stored away in garages for the long term make a perfect home. Although these mice usually take shelter in cars, bikes are a perfect warm spot for them, specifically in the winter months.

What are the threats caused to your bike by mice?
If you think rust is the worst thing that can harm your bike, you may be wrong. Mice and other such rodents can be far more damaging to your two-wheeler. From chewing on bike parts and wiring to building nests inside your engine, mice can cause terrible damage.
Mice are quick to chew into various parts of the bike, especially wiring. This can cause the engine and other parts to fail and is very difficult to fix. These damages incur high costs for the maintenance of your bike. In addition, it can be challenging to reach and repair the internal parts of the bike that have been damaged, causing unfavourable wear and tear in the process.
The nests created in internal parts of the bike are another major issue. Mice store food and other materials in the nests, which can clog the engine. They carry diseases and germs that can be detrimental to your health. If the nest is built near the air filter, there is a considerable danger of expelling rodent excrement every time you start the bike, leading to the spread of airborne viruses.

How to keep mice away?
Whether you are trying to get rid of the mice or are simply taking preventive measures to protect your vehicle, these few tips will go a long way in avoiding any more damage caused by rodents:

1. Mice try to find places that humans or other animals don’t regularly use. A stored bike in the garage or outdoors is one such place. The easiest thing to prevent this is to take the bike out for a ride frequently.

2. A simple mouse trap can help catch the ones that may be inside your vehicle. Keep the bike in a shed or enclosed area, set enough mouse traps around and underneath the bike, and check after a couple of days.

3. You can find many mice or rodent repellent sprays and medicines in local stores or online. Spraying these all over the bike will help chase away all the mice dwelling in and around the two-wheeler and prevent any more rodents from coming near it.

4. Block all mouse holes or hiding places in the garage where you store your bike. Making it a rodent-free zone is crucial. Avoid parking the bike in forested areas or lands with tall grass to avoid any future infestation.

5. Mice have a strong sense of smell and can be highly affected by it. Applying peppermint oil on tiny buds of cotton and placing them in various corners of the vehicle can help drive them away.

These tips may not undo all the damage caused to your vehicle, but it’s always good to be aware. So, be wise enough to have bike insurance so that you can recover the damage caused by mice. Also, if your bike insurance plan covers non-collision damages, you can easily file a claim.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.