How to raise a 2 wheeler insurance claim without an RC or licence

How to raise a 2 wheeler insurance claim without an RC or licence  29th December 2022

The Driving Licence (DL) and Registration Certificate (RC) are two crucial documents for any vehicle in the country. Without this, your vehicle is not registered under the law. It also means that you are not eligible to be a legal driver of your concerned vehicle.

When filing an insurance claim, you need to produce these two documents before your insurance company. They are crucial in determining your ownership details. However, many circumstances result in the loss of these documents. What will you do then? Will you lose the 2 wheeler insurance claim?

If you're looking for the answers to the questions above, this article is definitely for you.

What is an add-on for 2 wheeler insurance?
Many unforeseen circumstances can cause the theft, loss, or damage of your driver's licence and registration certificate. Although this nullifies your vehicle ownership under the law, certain factors can help you.

In situations like these, the Registration Certificate add-on or Loss of Licence comes to your rescue. It is an additional cover for your 2 wheeler insurance. Under this, you need to pay a higher interest rate or premium. The add-on ensures that you experience additional benefits as the owner of your vehicle and insurance.

You can easily buy the add-on when applying for your 2 wheeler insurance. It can be done both online and offline without any hassles. This add-on is extremely helpful in situations when you lose your Driving License or Registration Certificate. It ensures that you still get your insurance claim.

Benefits of add-on:

● It enables you to apply for an insurance claim without a driver's licence or RC

● You are entitled to receive monetary support in case your driving licence and registration certificate are lost or stolen

● It will serve as a helper when the claim is settled

● The add-on comes with a very partial increase in the insurance premium

What to do when DL or RC is lost or stolen?

If your Driver's Licence or Registration Certificate is stolen or lost, you need to do the following things immediately:

● Go to the police station and file a complaint about the theft

● Make sure to get a copy of the FIR with you

● Go to the nearest RTO office and file for a duplicate copy of your DL or RC. Attach the photocopy of the FIR along with the required documents

● Pay the given fees

● For a DL, you need to complete the biometric process as well

● The documents will be safely delivered to your address

What to do while filling an insurance claim without a DL or RC?

If you're filing an insurance claim for your 2 wheeler insurance, then you should:

● Make sure that you apply for the claim within the specified time

● Fill out the form with the correct information. Check it twice

● Gather all the required document

● Initiate the claim

● You should provide all the proofs if you have lost your DL and Registration Certificate. If you have an add-on, this process is all the easier

● Before applying for the claim, read all the terms and conditions carefully

These are the simple yet effective things you should remember while filling a 2 wheeler insurance claim if you misplace your licence and RC. However, always ensure that you keep all your important documents in the right place and prevent them from being lost or stolen. This can cause you great distress otherwise.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.