How to raise low self-esteem and boost confidence for an improved living

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How to raise low self-esteem and boost confidence for an improved living  20th December 2021


Suffering from low self-esteem is something that most people deal with in silence. Some only have to encounter it for a short time, when they are sad about something or feel a bit low. But, if you continue to dislike yourself, your appearance, or your performance, it can lead to severe mental health issues.

Low self-esteem is often a product of unpleasant life experiences. A psychologist may help you figure out the root cause of your problem. The good news is you can improve your self-esteem at any age by making a few lifestyle changes.

Here we bring some advice for raising self-esteem and boosting confidence for an improved living.

1. Pay attention to your thoughts:
Keep a caution about what you are thinking. For example, avoid thinking negatively, such as if your friends do not hang out with you. Instead, note down the thought and start thinking about positive evidence that contradicts these statements. Finding even one piece of evidence will instantly make you feel better.

2. Identify your triggers:
We all have specific situations that lower our self-esteem. Note down all the things that make you feel insecure. Hanging out with negative people can often bring down your self-confidence because of their behaviour towards you. Avoid the company of such people as they always nudge you in an unpleasant situation.

3. Be kind to yourself:
We often care about what others think of us but rarely consider our thoughts. For example, you have put on an outfit you love, but you have started questioning yourself because someone else has told you that it does not look good on you. Do not do that. The voice in your head saying, “You look good today!” is way more important than other opinions.

4. Build a positive friend circle:
You might find yourself smiling more with specific friends and being a little less self-conscious with them. While not everyone has to make you feel good about yourself all the time, no one should be allowed to make you feel bad either. Enrich your circle of positive friends.

5. Do not fight your thoughts:
Believe it or not, every person in the world thinks that there is someone better than them, even your favourite movie stars, sportsperson, or other celebrities. You cannot control the thoughts that occur naturally to you. Instead of fighting them, allow yourself to feel them and try to lessen their influence on your behaviour and personality.

6. Nobody is perfect:
The ultimate mantra to a good and happy life is remembering that nobody in the world is perfect. Even the people who judge you are self-conscious about themselves, but they try to hide it by reflecting their insecurity on you. Therefore, do not compare yourself to them or pay heed to their opinion. Instead, focus on your goals and aim to be the best version of yourself.

Self-doubting can not only ruin your mental health but also invite unnecessary health problems that can cost you a fortune. These situations will only add to your worries and make you feel emotionally drained out. Hence, doing what makes you genuinely happy is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Having insurance for your aid is also a crucial parameter for improved living. Invest in Magma HDI’s affordable health insurance plans to boost your confidence, add value to your life and make you happy from within.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.