Is it a good option to plan long-distance tours on your commuter bike

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Is it a good option to plan long-distance tours on your commuter bike  05th August 2022

How often have we dreamt of going on a perfect road trip with friends? Most people prefer to take cars or SUVs for road trips, but many biker gangs tell us about the fantastic opportunities you can come across while touring the country on a bike.

On a motorcycle trip, you interact with the local community more closely, navigate treacherous roads more efficiently, and skip traffic jams. But all said and done, not everybody has access to fancy bikes that are meant for long trips. The question remains, do you need to compromise on the thrills of life just because you do not have a certain kind of bike? Not at all!

In this article, we will examine why commuter bikes can also be used on long road trips and the few things you need to remember before taking your bike out.

1. Riding:
The time and the distance covered plays an important role in long road trips. It is easier to maintain a high speed in higher capacity bikes, whereas in lower capacity bikes, the engine starts to sputter beyond a speeding limit.
If you intend to take a commuter bike on a trip, it is best to stick to a speed that does not force your engine and the body to shake vigorously. Remember to increase the acceleration and use breaks smoothly whenever required.

2. Braking:
It is challenging to maintain a standard speed when you have open and empty roads ahead of you. But it is important to remember that standard bikes have different braking efficiency than superior motorbikes. Maintaining a tunnel vision and keeping track of everything ahead will help you in these conditions to use brakes efficiently.
Also, maintain a significant distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. So, in situations where you are required to brake suddenly, you have ample time to avoid crashing.

3. Clothing:
Irrespective of the bike you ride, it is best to wear appropriate clothing to avoid injuries and bruises in case of accidents or crashes. A good quality helmet with a clear visor, riding boots, and gloves are essential parts of your bike accessories. Throw in a pair of knee guards and armour jackets for added protection.

4. Maintenance:
Before taking that much-awaited road trip, it is important to keep yourself and your bike in healthy condition. Do not forget to take your bike to an expert to get it checked for any defects and faults. Remember to check your bike's braking system, spark plugs, and engine efficiency before taking it out on a ride. Also, carry essential medicines and lots of water to avoid fatigue and lethargy.

These are a list of a few things that you need to remember while taking your commuter bike on a road trip. With regular maintenance and caution, remember that your commuter bike is a trustworthy option if you want to travel and explore more.

Even though they might have a low-power engine, with the right handling and proper planning, you can surely enjoy a memorable long trip with your commuter bike. To add more value to your bikes, do not forget to invest in bike insurance online to safeguard yourself against any expenses you might incur in repairs or accidents.

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