Is the fire brigade taking too long to reach? Here are some tips to get a grip on the situation

Is the fire brigade taking too long to reach? Here are some tips to get a grip on the situation  28th November 2022

You must have heard about several heart-breaking incidents that have destroyed human life and properties to the point of no repair. We surround ourselves with many things that can be considered to add fuel to the fire in case there is one. Although one never hopes to be in such a situation, have you ever considered the possibility of what if you are in a potentially dangerous circumstance caused due to fire? Is the fire brigade taking time to reach? What steps should you take initially? Here are some tips to get a grip on the situation. Let’s begin!

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1. Find an escape:
If you see a potential fire about to spread, your first instinct should be to exit that area without thinking about anything else. Just take your family and get out of that particular zone. Once you are out, try to breathe and calm down a little. Dial the emergency contacts and fire brigade’s number for help. Avoid stressing out about contacting someone while staying inside the property. Doing so might not give you a window to get out and can have severe consequences.

2. Always have a fire ladder:
You must ensure that you always have a fire ladder in a place that is easily accessible to anyone in the house. The fire ladders can be made of metal or some rope ladder that will help you get out of the window. They are readily available online or in stores selling home repair items. Educate every member of your family about using fire ladders by proper demonstration.

3. Never attempt to go back inside a burning property (house, office space, etc.):
Once you are out of the place which has caught fire, never attempt to re-enter the premises, no matter how important your reason might be. The fire always tends to blow out of proportion, and getting out again might be impossible with or without professional intervention. There are several items in our day-to-day life which can catch fire quickly. They serve as an aid for the fire to scale beyond our imagination and cause severe damage to humans in the nearby area. So, always ensure that you vacate the property on fire and go to a safe spot.

4. Use the fire extinguisher without fail:
Researchers and experts might debate the minimum age of children who should learn to operate fire extinguishers. Still, teenagers must know about the importance and the process of using it. You should have a multipurpose fire extinguisher to help you control any liquid or electrical fire. Handling these multipurpose fire extinguishers is comparatively easy as they are small in size and can delay the fire before the arrival of the fire brigade to ensure complete safety.

5. Follow the exit strategy:
One must always have an exit strategy to escape the property if a fire breaks out. The fire exit plan must be created according to the details and features of the house and the estimated time window one gets before the fire breaks. Always ensure to familiarise the family members and guests with this exit strategy and make them follow it strictly.

Other tips to get a grip on the situation are installing smoke detectors and fire alarms, especially outside the room doors, kitchen, fireplace and hallways, so you can get the signal in advance if there is a potential fire hazard. This would allow you to retain the fire before it gets out of control. Avoid sleeping with space heaters on all the time and close to items which can catch fire quickly.

Such situations have the potential to wreak havoc on your home or prised properties and possessions, causing severe consequences and threatening human life. You need the best fire insurance to safeguard your home and owned spaces and items. This can help you protect yourself and your family against the monetary stress of such unprecedented situations. Explore the market and get fire insurance that can provide the best coverage for your home and belongings.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.