Keep these seven tips in mind to retain your cars value

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Keep these seven tips in mind to retain your car's value  18th January 2022


Do you want to have your car looking new and flawless for an extended period? Regular servicing and proper maintenance can help your vehicle survive as long as feasible. Maintaining your vehicle will also yield profit in sales and savings if you want to trade or resell it at some point.

Depreciation is an essential component in evaluating your car's commercial value when you start planning to sell it. But there are some things you can conduct to safeguard your vehicle's market value and reduce depreciation to a minimum.

Continue reading this article to uncover the best tips to retain your car's value.

1. Organize the papers:
Prospective buyers will want to know the vehicle's ownership history and if it has been maintained properly. Therefore, keep all your car documents in order inside a file to prevent unpleasant queries regarding its most recent service or filter change. Your car will be worth more since you can show proof of service, MOTs, and oil changes.

2. Keep the interior dazzling:
Interior maintenance is just as vital as exterior upkeep, so try to include it in your routine cleaning. The car's interiors undergo a lot of wear and tear, scratches, cuts, spills, and foul odours over time. As a result, it may significantly influence the value of your vehicle.

3. Do not forget to clean, polish and wax semi-regularly:
Maintaining the paintwork on your vehicle will boost its value. Only a few owners can confidently state that they keep up with car washing and waxing. When paintwork is not adequately maintained and managed, it will degrade and deteriorate with time. Faded exterior colour contributes the most to your car looking worn out, eventually decreasing its market price.

4. Repair minor issues immediately:
Neglecting minor technical faults may not seem like a massive deal to you, but it leaves a poor impression on potential buyers. Remember that the cost of repairing minor defects is frequently less than the influence that mechanical flaws will have on the car's value.

5. Fix slight dents and scuffs right away:
You may believe that bumps and scrapes on the outside aren't worth fixing, especially if your vehicle is outdated. But, impairments like these can cause a significant decline in the overall value. They may also invite rust and corrosion, which garages and astute purchasers can detect, resulting in lesser prices.

6. Maintain the sheen of your wheels:
Wheels are subjected to daily damage and can get coated in a layer of dangerous road deposits and brake dust. So when the wheels appear well-cared for, it not only makes the car seem remarkable, but it also says a lot about how it's been driven.

7. Ensure the car's insurance:
Get your car insured from day one for financial security. There are numerous private car insurance India policies that you can choose from. Having an insurance cover for your vehicle flourishes its market value by thousands.

A car is one of the most financially significant purchases individuals make throughout their lives. Unfortunately, value of the car begins to depreciate immediately after driving them off the showroom. However, this does not suggest that your car will completely lose its value. Even an old, well-used automobile has some monetary worth and may be sold or traded in for cash. The ultimate goal is to get as much of the vehicle's worth as possible while owning it, and by following these tips, you can attain this easily.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.