Know whether oversleeping can be bad for your health

Know whether oversleeping can be bad for your health  02nd January 2022

We all follow different sleeping patterns and habits. Some people like to sleep more, while some tend to avoid sleeping at all. Many fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow, whereas others struggle to get any sleep throughout the night.

Inconsistent sleeping patterns can be hazardous to health. It disintegrates the whole sleep cycle and leads to various health problems. Sleeping too little or too much can be problematic in their ways. But how is oversleeping a bad habit? How can it affect your health negatively?

There are several reasons why oversleeping is bad for your health and can lead to severe problems. These problems can affect your health adversely. You must always have a health insurance policy handy to deal with unexpected medical expenses. Also, ensure that you take care of your health insurance policy renewal to enjoy the seamless benefits without interruptions.

Let's look at various things related to oversleeping.

How much sleep is adequate?

The amount of sleep you should get throughout the day varies for different people. If you're unwell or tired, you will require more sleep. If you are young, you're likely to fall asleep faster due to increased physical activity.

It is recommended to get over 7-9 hours of sleep at night. Any sleep above this can result in oversleeping. The various ill effects of oversleeping are mentioned below.

● Diabetes:
If you sleep more than the designated time at night, you are likely to be on the verge of developing diabetes. Oversleeping puts one at risk of a spike in sugar content in the body. Even not sleeping enough can lead to the same problems.

● Back pains:
Research has shown that oversleeping can be one of the causes of back pain due to disoriented sleep positions for long hours. It is recommended to perform certain exercises to help you deal with such back pain and, most importantly, avoid oversleeping.

● Obesity:
Oversleeping can cause weight gain drastically. If you sleep more than 9-10 hours, you'll likely develop obesity over five to six years. The reason is that your body goes into relaxation mode while sleeping. Lack of physical activity reduces the BMR, impacts digestion, and results in fat accumulation.

● Depression:
Not just physical ailments, but oversleeping can also lead to mental health issues. People who sleep more than usual are likely depressed. While oversleeping, one decreases their chance of recovering from depression.

● Headaches:
If you're prone to headaches and migraines, oversleeping can worsen it. Whenever one sleeps more during the weekends, it can disrupt their sleep cycle. Irregular sleep patterns can lead to persistent headaches. This is because it fidgets with the neurotransmitters like serotonin in the brain.

● Heart disease:
A lot of research has been conducted to validate that oversleeping can lead to increased heart disease. It puts you at risk of developing cardiovascular disease due to a sedentary lifestyle and lethargy. Oversleeping causes obesity which in turn puts pressure on the heart.

● Impaired fertility:
Women who oversleep can find it difficult to conceive. It is also the same for women who sleep less than the given time. It can affect their cycle badly and disrupt the hormone levels in the body.

● Death risk:
It is alarming to note that oversleeping can lead to an increased risk of death. It can also be directly linked to the risk of developing a stroke.

Everyone should sleep only 7-8 hours throughout the day. It is best to avoid napping during the day to sleep better at night. One should also maintain a good diet and exercise to keep themselves fit and energised. Prioritise your health, practise mindfulness, develop a sound sleep routine, and invest in health insurance to keep away your worries. You should also complete your health policy renewal on time to avoid problems later.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.