Let us know more about 'Act of God' insurance and their clauses

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Let us know more about 'Act of God' insurance and their clauses  29th March 2022


The events that are not under any human's control, cannot be predicted, and are bound to happen, are called an "act of God." The unavoidable destruction caused by natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, asteroid collisions, etc., are considered "act of God". One cannot estimate these vast events, and occurrences cannot be counted at their time of happening. They happen, and humankind must bear the passive consequences of such active events.

Did you know that insurance covers damages due to “act of God” events? Let's learn more about the chronology of events and decisions taken by the government and other companies and help you become more knowledgeable about insurance and its clauses.

1. What exactly is the "Act of God" insurance?
This insurance covers damages and losses done due to incidents that come under the act of God. But if there is any harm or damage done to the property due to human ignorance and negligence, family dispute, etc., you will not be reimbursed and covered through the act of God insurance.

2. Is the "Act of God" coverage the same everywhere?
A lot of similar events are covered in the act of God insurance. The similarity is relatively high. But certain events might be an odd one out in a policy and is not included for other circumstances. You need to keep yourself up to date with the clauses, terms, conditions, prices, renewal rates, exceptions, etc.

3. Do you need to assess your insured properties and assets?
You need to evaluate your properties, assets, etc., that are insured. It is essential to assess the risks of those possessions and chart out the potential risks that can happen under God's name. This will help you clarify the dangers and negative possibilities and how you could recover from them using the liabilities that come under the act of God insurance. These risk evaluations will help you reap the benefits and help spread awareness about the act of good insurance and its pros and cons.

Another important clause is the extreme climate conditions you need to be aware of. You must purchase the act of God insurance for third-party protection and security of your properties, etc., against all unavoidable dangers. The policy is eligible for termination if the authorities observe any inconsistencies, negligence, zero remorse, and rectification of mistakes. Examine the policy in detail and watch for any hidden clause and terms and conditions that might devoid you of the "Act of God" insurance benefits. You need to present the proof of these events to claim your insurance and reap the benefits that come along with it. Also remember, insurance companies may limit the coverage for acts of God under some specific terms and conditions.

Apart from the "Act of God" events that you might or might not see coming, you need to take care of the risks which can make you liable/responsible for inevitable mishaps (e.g., a machinery accident in your factory causing injuries to the workers). You need to purchase public liability insurance in India to cover such alarming accidents. Explore your options and determine which insurance plan suits you and your business's needs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.