Look for these features in a cruiser motorcycle as a beginner

Look for these features in a cruiser motorcycle as a beginner  27th March 2023

Riding a motorcycle offers an adrenaline thrill that no other commute mode can provide. Commonly associated with feelings of freedom and adventure, motorcyclists often experience euphoric joy while steering their ride. However, the biggest concern with riding bikes is the safety features that can protect the riders in an accident. Despite manufacturers constantly rolling out new features that enhance rider protection, one must use other modes to ensure safety, including two wheeler insurance India.

Among all the bike categories, the cruiser bikes market share in India is significantly increasing. These incredibly stylish bikes are equipped with cutting-edge technology like infotainment, navigation, and many other features.

Here are some standard features to expect when purchasing a cruiser motorcycle.

1. Seat height
The most challenging issue that beginners have with two-wheelers is maintaining balance. Sitting upright in a relaxed position is critical to stabilising the bike. If your balance falters, you can place your feet on the ground to regain control over the motorcycle. For this purpose, low seat height is essential for easy ground access.

2. Comfort-centric riding ergonomics
The rider’s posture is crucial to ensure proper balance and prevent accidents. Sports or commuter bikes allow room for tense posture that can harm the rider in the long run. Cruisers have a design that facilitates a relaxed sitting stance on an amply cushioned seat. This promotes good riding posture and makes for comfortable long-distance rides.

3. Sound engine
Cruisers are often considered to have low-power engines that offer inefficient acceleration. However, they are not far behind the power and capacity of commuter bikes. While you cannot expect the high speeds that sports bikes offer, cruisers provide adequate power for both short rides and long highway adventure trips.

4. Comfortable pegs
Most motorcycle designs leave riders with insufficient space to position their feet, resulting in uncomfortable long rides. The peg positioning in cruisers allows stretching of the legs compared to the normal riding posture in commuter bikes. You do not require additional highway footpegs to increase room for efficient leg positioning. Ensure you take a test ride on the bike before purchasing to get used to the positioning. Ideally, your midfoot should rest on the pegs. Your knees do not cross the peg, thereby preventing muscle strain.

5. Storage saddlebags
For frequent riders, it is inevitable to travel with baggage. Cruisers come with additional storage space in the form of saddlebags and extra luggage capacity in the rear. This greatly helps reduce distractions while riding. The bike’s build also allows greater room to attach other travel accessories, making for a great long-distance ride.

6. Chassis weight
Cruisers often have a heavy design that weighs them down, requiring riders to have adequate physical build to manage the bike's weight. This is a boon and bane. Positively, it slows down the vehicle and minimises the risk of accidents, but as a con, it requires additional effort to manoeuvre the bike single-handedly. However, this makes it among the safest bikes to ride. Supplementing it with two wheeler insurance India goes a long way in amping up the rider's protection.

Before purchasing a cruiser, ensure to go on a test ride to evaluate its weight and your ability to manage it.

Careful evaluation of a bike's mechanical features and safety provisions is necessary irrespective of its type. While beginners may find cruisers comfortable, safe, and suitable for long rides, one must always purchase two wheeler insurance India to stay protected against the allied financial costs of accidents.

Two wheeler insurance India is a mandatory requirement that ensures financial protection against accidents that every bike owner must prioritise.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.