Move-over braces, and clear aligners are the way forward

Move-over braces, and clear aligners are the way forward  25th January 2023

As we progress, we are moving towards better options in all aspects of life. Advancements in medical science over the last few decades have resulted in ground-breaking discoveries and the latest med-tech developments. The constantly evolving world of medicine has resulted in innovation in the dental industry. This discovery came in the form of clear aligners, which are the latest trend. Orthodontists globally suggest them as they are better suited for many reasons, making them preferred over traditional braces. But why are they so popular? What makes them different? We will discuss them all in this article.

Clear aligners are still an upcoming trend that many may not know. Due to this, we will help you walk through these unique orthodontic devices and how they straighten your teeth. Regardless of your dental problems, you should always have the best health insurance policy in India to cover all your medical expenses. Now, let's understand the benefits of clear aligners.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners can fix misaligned or unorganised teeth placements. After conducting an intraoral scan, orthodontists can determine the problem with your teeth and possible solutions. Made with cutting-edge 3D technology, each aligner is customised according to the patient's needs. The aligners move the teeth into place gradually without causing pain. The time taken to do so depends on the unique condition of every individual.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

1. Maintains oral hygiene:
With clear aligners, you can maintain your dental hygiene without any hassles. You can remove them as per your will and then brush your teeth meticulously without fear. On the other hand, you need to clean carefully when you have your braces on. Braces can cause dental problems as you cannot brush your teeth well. It can lead to other oral problems like bad breath and cavities.

2. Freedom to eat or drink anything:
Braces bring several dietary restrictions and place constant pressure on your teeth. However, you will feel nothing with aligners, as they are removable. You can eat or drink to your liking.

3. Practically invisible:
It is very difficult to spot clear aligners. They are almost entirely invisible. This means that you need not inform anyone about your orthodontic treatment. In stark contrast, metal braces are easy to notice. This can be a matter of embarrassment for many adults and teens.

4. No operational hassles:
The whole process of getting metal braces done can be tedious. It requires regular monitoring and tightening to keep you comfortable. If any wire is left unopened, it can lead to ulcers in your mouth. With clear aligners, this is not a problem. It does not require any tightening during doctor appointments.

5. No obstruction to teeth whitening:
Metal braces can force you to compromise on your dental hygiene. This can lead to the loss of a pearl-white smile. You may also notice plaque formation as a result of bacteria growth. If left untreated, you may have decayed teeth, bleeding gums, and other problems. To avoid this, switch to clear aligners, which pose no threat to your white teeth in any way. You can brush them whenever you want and not fear being cautious around metal wires.

Clear aligners are the future of dental science. They are highly effective, consume less time for fitting, and show results sooner than metal braces. With advancing times, most people will switch towards clear aligners to treat their teeth. In any medical situation, purchasing the best health insurance policy in India may help you cover the procedure's cost.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.