Patience and parental guidance are all your child needs to make a great driver!

Patience and parental guidance are all your child needs to make a great driver!  20th March 2023

Driving is a task that entrusts the driver with the responsibility of passengers, pedestrians, and vehicles in their hands. This overwhelms most drivers, especially beginners learning how to drive.

In the beginning, when you take your grown-up child for driving lessons, you may find them nervous and frightened. This fear makes them attempt fundamental mistakes, like applying brakes while keeping their feet on the accelerator. You may get frustrated and scold your child for such silly mistakes. However, your actions can result in a loss of confidence and develop a greater fear of driving. Thus, it would be best if you become supportive of your child.

Making your child follow the traffic rules and scolding them to drive slowly will not make them great drivers. It would help if you built some qualities within yourself for your child to learn to drive. In addition to it, ensure that you buy new car insurance as a preventive measure.

Follow these tips to be a supportive instructor and a cheerleader by their side!

1. Make them drive
Your child wants freedom, primarily because they ask for a licence. You can make your child drive the vehicle during an outing at safer locations, especially in the daytime. Or you can make them your co-driver, so they get some experience. Moreover, encourage them to look at the mirrors and the incoming traffic and read the signs on the boards. It will enhance your child's understanding of driving.

2. Stay patient and calm
To teach your child to drive, you need to develop patience. Your child may get nervous while learning to drive, and shouting could worsen their practice. So, staying at ease and unstressed will make their learning experience enjoyable. Further, try to avoid conflict situations and take them to learn to drive when you are in a good mood. While you may get irritated with their learning practices, keep calm, and avoid disagreements.

3. Take the learner driver's insurance
Though you may have been driving for many years, ensure you abide by traffic rules before giving vehicles to your child. You are responsible for ensuring you have insurance covering your teenager's learning. Mistakes can happen at any time while your child is learning to drive. So, it is better to have insurance covering all mishappenings costs.

4. Become their mentor driver
Children often copy the driving habits of their parents. These include talking on the phone or drinking coffee while driving. Your children see you and will hold you accountable for such habits later in life. It will help if you become a role model for them in driving. They stay focused and try to avoid doing other things while driving. Therefore, developing such practices within you will be helpful for your kids.

5. Check that your child is prepared to learn
Even if your child has crossed the legal driving age, it doesn't mean they are ready to drive. Acknowledge your child's maturity and help them to handle pressure situations gradually. Also, assess the thinking and acting capacity to react to rough possibilities. Further, ensure your child is emotionally ready to take control of a vehicle at a certain speed. It will enhance your child's learning experience and show their willingness to learn.

Your child needs your maximum support when they learn anything. Driving is one of the most important activities your child should do calmly. Also, while teaching your child traffic rules and signs, ensure that you follow them correctly. Always buy new car insurance before your child starts learning to drive. It will ensure stress-free learning and make your child a great driver.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.