Practical tips for drivers to avoid pedestrian accidents

Practical tips for drivers to avoid pedestrian accidents  11th January 2023

In a high-population nation like India, pedestrian deaths from road accidents are alarming. Drivers should be fully aware of pedestrian behaviour and the dos and don’ts of driving to avoid accidents with pedestrians. This would make pedestrians feel safe and secure while walking on the roads.

Here are some practical tips for drivers to avoid pedestrian accidents.

1. Control your speed:
Proper control of your car’s speed is the key to ensuring that you don’t get involved in pedestrian accidents. You need to drive slowly where the density of pedestrians is high. Often in a crowd, people tend to move quickly on the roads without bothering much about the approaching vehicles.
Lower speed will give you ample time to react and apply brakes if someone suddenly turns up in front of you.

2. Patience:
Patience is the key for any driver while dealing with senior citizens and children on the roads. Senior citizens may walk slowly on the roads, while children may do the exact opposite and rush. Also, while senior citizens may not see any approaching vehicle clearly due to poor vision, children may completely ignore looking at the vehicles on the road and just run here and there.
The same applies to dealing with people with disabilities on roads. A blind person will not be able to see the traffic on the roads, while a disabled person may be trying to go from one place to another in a wheelchair slowly. The drivers must drive patiently around such people. They should let them pass through first to avoid any accidents with them.

3. Do not drink and drive:
The worst thing to practise is drink and drive as it hampers your senses and decision power. You will not be able to react in time which may cause a serious accident with the pedestrians. Drinking and driving also attract punishment under the law. Never let someone innocent be a victim of your carelessness.

4. Look carefully before overtaking:
A driver should always be extra cautious while overtaking a stationary car in the middle of the road or at crossroads. There is a high chance that a pedestrian might be crossing the road.
The pedestrian may suddenly appear in front of you while trying to overtake the car from the right at high speed. Hence, be cautious while overtaking, as you might hurt pedestrians or risk their lives.

5. Keep away all distractions while driving:
Nowadays, a common cause of road accidents is talking on a mobile phone while driving, texting, eating, adjusting the stereo, etc. Drivers lose focus on the road, resulting in an accident with pedestrians or other vehicles.
Never take your eyes off the road while driving, be it for any reason. If you are getting a call on your phone and it is urgent, stop your car on the side and then take the call. Do the same if you want to send a text, take a small eating break, or if you have to adjust your car’s music system. This will ensure that you drive attentively and are in total control of your car while driving.

Drivers should never drive rashly nor give pedestrians a sense of danger or fear while accessing the roads. Roads are public property, and every citizen has the right to use them without fearing an accident. Drivers should follow the above tips and ensure the safety of pedestrians on the roads.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.