Pregnancy injuries you must be very careful about

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Pregnancy injuries you must be very careful about  05th August 2022

Childbirth is beautiful. Pregnancy requires a lot of commitment, physical and mental strength, and external support from your partner, family, and friends to be able to give birth once the cycle ends. Things do not end once your baby is out of the womb and into this world. That's when the real work begins.

Are you someone who is currently going through the pregnancy phase? Or someone taking care of a pregnant friend, relative or family member? Well, whatever your reasons are, this blog will answer your queries about the dangerous activities you need to steer clear of during childbirth. So, given below is a list of pregnancy injuries you must be very careful about.

1. Say no to lifting:
During pregnancy, you should strictly prohibit yourself from lifting any heavy items, including large, heavy boxes, weights in the gym, etc. If you want to keep your body fit and still hit the gym or get a quick workout, consult your doctor before starting anything.
Do not run the trial-and-error methods and put your body through unnecessary physical stress and exhaustion. You might risk many things, have to bear the side effects, and face adverse results during delivery.

2. Avoid standing for more extended hours:
Standing for long hours is similar to the case with lifting, as discussed in the previous point. You exert your body and put it through a lot of physical stress when you stand for longer. Your body is already carrying your weight and the weight of your child. Your legs need rest.
Your locomotive system needs to catch a break to be strong enough to support your entire body if there is some emergency. Prolonged standing also risks premature birth (babies born before nine months or their estimated date) and increases the chances of miscarriages.

3. Understand the changes in your body:
Once the "late pregnancy" period begins, you will notice several visible changes in your body. Your body goes through several internal and hormonal changes. Therefore, your weight increases as the baby develops, and different body parts get bigger to ensure that they can serve the baby's needs when it arrives. All this weight gain thus eventually causes imbalance even when you do the simplest of activities. But exhausting your body by doing your regular heavy physical activities can put your child at risk. The imbalance might make you more prone to accidents that happen due to falling or increase the chances of musculoskeletal injuries.

4. What about your menstrual health:
Heavy physical activities, lifting massive items, and standing for extended hours also threaten your menstrual health and put your body under stress. And as for pregnant people, their hormones during the process can affect the strength of the ligaments and spinal joints. Excessive physical strain can delay the process of your body preparing itself for childbirth or might adversely affect the baby's health.

These were some pregnancy related injuries you must be very careful about. As it is said that accidents never come with a warning, and the period of pregnancy is one such critical time when you need to be the most careful you can ever be. But there might be times when you or your loved one find themselves part of an unpredictable incident that can potentially endanger your health or life.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.