Spring cleaning is beneficial for your house and your health too

Spring cleaning is beneficial for your house and your health too  22nd February 2023

Most people love to clean their houses and redecorate them to give them a brand-new look. Often, professional deep cleaning is required to address those areas and corners throughout the house you overlook daily. However, it is recommended that they do so before the beginning of spring. While experts have documented the pros and cons of summer and winter cleaning, spring cleaning has no negative implications.

Not only does a round of decluttering make your house look spik and span, but it also does wonders for your physical and mental health and overall well-being! Especially when you are living with the elderly, ensuring a clean and safe indoor environment becomes more important.

Before diving into the benefits of the activity and getting started on deep cleaning your home, consider purchasing health insurance in India for parents and other family members. Health insurance in India for parents protects them from the risk of mishaps or developing any allergies by creating a safety net that shares the financial burden of hospitalisation.

With that out of the way, here are some of the benefits spring-cleaning offers.

1. Keep your mind and body physically active:
Only a few people enjoy going to the gym or a strenuous workout. However, carrying boxes of old goods and scrubbing the walls and the floor can be a real workout. Keeping your body and mind active results in a healthy heart and a happy mind. Moreover, cleaning is one of the best ways to burn some of the calories you gain during the holiday season. Plug your headphones in and play your jam and get cleaning!

2. Reduces the chance of injury:
A messy home increases the risk of injury for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Spring cleaning gives you the time to throw out extra junk and replace old and weak items with new and stronger ones. It also allows you to notice any loose wire or floorboards that can cause severe injuries.

3. Protects the immune system:
While seasonal allergies can cause daily discomfort, mould, dust, and pet dander cause many medical problems. Therefore, deep spring cleaning helps eliminate pests and prevent respiratory problems. Dusting the furniture, windows, and other hard-to-reach places and covering them with a rug or cloth minimises the chances of dust accumulation. Deep vacuuming of carpets, curtains, and floors also prevents infections and pest problems.
Besides these, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom allows you to redecorate the place and understand the need for some particular cleaning products. Remember to avoid the overuse of sponges and dishcloths, as they get filled with bacteria over time.

4. Improves mood and focus:
A clean and fresh house improves your mood and clears your mental space. Cleaning your home is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, thus allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life. Clear and calm mental health leads to positivity and better productivity.

5. Prevents bugs and rodents:
Bugs and rodents love a dirty and messy home. Therefore, proper spring cleaning helps you avoid the growth and spread of bacteria and diseases caused by unwanted pests. Regularly sanitise the garbage bags below the kitchen sinks and cabinets and the area around the fridge to prevent bugs and rodents.

Cleaning your house may seem tiring and stressful, but once you start, you'll realise how much you need a clean and proper space and the therapeutic joy it offers. It also allows you to bond with your family over the seasonal cleaning. Before you start, ensure you buy health insurance in India for parents and all your dependents to protect yourself from medical emergencies.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.