Take care of these things related to your car's headlights before setting off on a road trip

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Take care of these things related to your car's headlights before setting off on a road trip  29th March 2022


The thought of a road trip gets us all excited. It sure becomes very energetic, fun, and memorable with all our close family members and friends. As a thumb rule, you always double-check everything on your “packing list” to ensure you don't miss out on any essential item.

If you do this for yourself and your family members, how about double-checking your car before starting a road trip? Your car’s headlights also play a vital role in ensuring a safe journey during the night and avoiding any mishaps on the road.

In this blog, we will be discussing the checklist for the headlights of your vehicle that you need to take care of before starting your trip.

1. Got a fuse problem:
Check and see if you gather all information regarding the fuse blowout of your headlights. If you are sure of the damage, examine for loose wires. If you find any issues, fix them at the earliest. And if nothing works, replace the headlights (especially if there is a high beam bulb problem).

2. Do not delay replacement:
Examine the light emitted from your car’s headlights. Do you suspect that they have dimmed? If you conclude that your lights have dimmed (called burnout), you must replace the headlights with new ones to avoid risking your safety on the road, especially during the night time. Uneven terrains and night driving can be risky when you have burnt-out headlights. It poses threats of accidents and compromises the car's safety, the driver, the passengers, and other vehicles on the road.

3. Make smart changes:
Whenever you feel that there is a need to replace the light bulbs of your car's headlights, always make sure that you do so in pairs. If the light has dimmed, exchange the old bulbs for the new ones in twos. That way, it would make the headlights consistent instead of one old and one new light bulb, which would create a difference in the intensity of the light beam. It would make it difficult for other drivers to understand the indication and affect your visibility on the road.

4. Align the beams of light:
Turn on the headlights of your car and check the light beams closely. Make sure that the light is aligned and aimed at the road. If the light is directed towards the vehicle approaching your direction, it may cause an accident as the other person would find it difficult to see what is in front of them. This would result in a fatal crash endangering car occupants and other vehicles on the road.

These were some tips you could take care of related to your car’s headlights. Few other pointers include upgrading the versions of headlights compatible with your vehicle and other DIY hacks for which you wouldn’t always need a professional mechanic to help you with minor replacements, etc.

And while you ensure the checklist of your car’s headlight before heading on a trip, it is also essential to verify that your car insurance is updated. Keep track of your car insurance renewal dates to avoid interruption in the benefits and save your policy from lapsing.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.