The best summer driving tips for long-distance drivers

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The best summer driving tips for long-distance drivers  25th February 2021


With the summer approaching, we are all excited to get out and soak up the sunlight. Road trips during the summertime are at the top of everyone's bucket list. You can enjoy a long drive to sandy beaches and resorts or a journey to cooler, remote hill stations.

While we all love long road trips, they can quickly get exhausting when you're stuck in the same spot for hours on end. The landscape might be worth every bit of your patience, but driving for several kilometres at a stretch can be mentally and physically bothersome.

You may invest in motor insurance India to secure your vehicle's health but caring for your health while on a lengthy midsummer journey is equally needed. Following these tips while driving long distances can make your journey more comfortable, safe, and fruitful!

1. Plan ahead:
Planning your road trip is essential so that you manage to follow the itinerary and reach your destination on time. As you know, you're going to be driving for long hours at a stretch, so you must make sure to pack all the necessary items to carry.
Keep track of your routes and highways, petrol pumps or gas stations on your way, restaurants or motels for refreshments, and the amount of food and water you require during the drive.

2. Prepare your vehicle:
Whether you are taking a car or a van, ensure the vehicle's condition and fitness are thoroughly checked before setting off on your journey. Check if your car fits for the long drive and the fuel tank is full to its capacity before leaving. Also, check the air pressure in the tyres and examine all other technical requirements.
Ensure that you carry all necessary car documents like your car's registration certificate, motor insurance India documents, driver's license, and PUC certificate.

3. Stay hydrated and eat well:
Dehydration and an empty stomach can disturb you immensely while on the road. Dehydration for long hours can cause blurry vision and muscle cramps that are incredibly dangerous while driving. The sweltering heat can get to you and cause dizziness if you haven't eaten.
Make sure to drink enough water and consume plenty of liquids during your journey. Eat a healthy meal before taking off and eat energy-giving, light foods whenever you make stops during the trip.

4. Take enough breaks:
Driving may be stress-relieving for some individuals but sitting behind the wheel for long hours can physically strain the body. You must make regular stops along the journey and get out of the driver's seat. Stretch your arms and legs and relieve any tension in your neck and back. Inculcating this habit can make the long journey much more comfortable.

5. Keep essentials handy:
While food, water, and car documents are the most vital essentials to carry, remember to pack other travel essentials like sunglasses, caps, sunblock, a torch, and a scarf or sweater. Carry emergency hardware to fix your car if any damage is caused on the road. Keeping a first aid kit is essential as you never know when you might need it.

Long road trips under the sun are what summer dreams are made of, but they can quickly become challenging. You must not forget to secure your health and safety in all the fun. Following these tips can relieve long-distance drivers from the issues they may face on the road. Prioritising the security of your vehicle is equally important. So invest in an ideal motor insurance India policy to protect you from unexpected losses and put less pressure on your pockets in case of physical damages to your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.