The best tips to live a sustainable lifestyle

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The best tips to live a sustainable lifestyle  11th January 2022


For years, humankind has been a cruel predator that has not cared for or preserved the environment. As a result, we live in a world that is deteriorating with each passing second. Today, we face the negative repercussions of drastic climate change, rising global temperature and sea levels, rapidly melting glaciers, wildfires, droughts, etc. While we are already experiencing the ramifications of years of ecological neglect, it is never too late to go green.

People are finally starting to understand the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. Although we cannot reverse climate change overnight, we can contribute to slowing it down. Here are the best few tips to start living a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Use reusable cups, glasses, and straws:
Many takeaway restaurants and cafes hand out cups and glasses that we can use only once. These are usually made of plastic or paper and are detrimental to the planet. Using reusable cups, glasses, and straws made of a durable material like bamboo, glass, silver, etc., helps reduce the amount of plastic waste, which is highly toxic for the environment.

2. Take a bucket bath:
Wastage of water is one of the biggest mistakes we make. We tend to undervalue freshwater availability, overexploit it, and forget that “water is life”. For example, leaving the tap or shower running for long durations wastes a significant amount of clean water. We can simply avoid this by taking a bucket bath that controls the amount of water used per person.

3. Take more walks, cycle more:
The constant overuse of motor vehicles causes high polluting gases and harmful substance emissions. Pollution levels are rising at an alarming pace in the metros and cities. This can significantly be reduced if each person decides to walk more often. Walking is not only a healthier alternative but also an eco-friendly initiative. If longer distances need to be covered, cycling or electric vehicles are a greener alternative to motor vehicles. Several online general insurance schemes spread awareness about the benefits of travelling by foot or on a cycle to promote public health and fitness.

4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle before waste disposal:
Reducing unnecessary purchases is key to maintaining a minimal and sustainable lifestyle. Reusing materials such as clothing, containers, etc., to their absolute limit is another way to reduce waste generated. While disposing of garbage, segregating it into categories like wet, dry, biodegradable, and non-biodegradable goes a long way. This makes recycling of waste much more efficient.

5. Use eco-friendly products:
Several products like cleaning agents constitute harmful chemicals that can be toxic to the environment. When exposed to the environment, they contaminate it and take far too long to be cleaned out. Many of these products pose a threat to wildlife as well. By boycotting them and switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, we can help to prevent the direct release of these hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Our planet is severely damaging and needs to be preserved at all costs. Not only our lives depend on it, but also the future of coming generations need a safe environment. While you can easily invest in general online insurance today to protect your future, the planet cannot. Let’s be the insurance of our environment and provide the best efforts to ensure its safety by having a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.