The top places to visit in India to enjoy rappelling

The top places to visit in India to enjoy rappelling  29th November 2022

Rock climbing and rappelling offer some of the most thrilling encounters with nature and adventure. It's a hands-on journey that requires all of your focus. Although rappelling hasn't gained widespread popularity like paragliding or river rafting, it is gradually doing so. Many locations across the nation have established themselves as adventure centres with a dedicated focus on rappelling.

An unforgettable experience, scaling a steep rock is exciting and leaves a lasting impression. The adventure sport of rappelling is very taxing and requires mental and physical stamina. While you still have the chance, you must at least once experience it. Rappelling puts your resolve to the test of your limits.

Here is a list of the top rappelling spots in India.

1. The charming city of Rishikesh:
Rishikesh is not only a pilgrimage destination. Travellers from all over the world come to the "yoga capital" in huge numbers. Rishikesh, the paradise for all adventure activities and tours, has the perfect terrain for rappelling. The dotted hills, flora and fauna, rivers, and streams help adventure sports flourish here.

2. A haven for adventurers, Odisha:
Odisha is another retreat for adrenaline seekers. Lord Jagannath's native state is steadily establishing a reputation as a centre for adventure. If you are physically healthy and desire to use that stored energy well, consider rappelling in the Pandav Bakhara Caves and the Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary. Pushing your stamina to a real test is a wholesome experience in Odisha, where you can enjoy rappelling with a professional staff trained at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

3. A foggy affair in Himachal Pradesh:
Stand a chance to touch the clouds when you go rappelling in Himachal Pradesh or cherish the top-of-the-world feeling. There are several rocky hotspots where you can do adventure sports in this land of mountains. The pleasant weather and breathtaking views will double your excitement and promise you a wholesome experience. One of the most exciting waterfall rappelling adventures at Tirthan Valley has no parallel.

4. Rappelling down south with a mystic charm:
If hot adventure tours are what you're after, come down to the south. From Coorg to Dandeli, there are many thrilling and adventurous things to do. You can go to Karnataka to fully understand what it's like to conquer a cliff and absorb the breathtaking views. Enjoy your serenity amidst the wild and unbridled splendour of nature.

5. Maharashtra's penchant for adventure:
Maharashtra offers many options for a weekend break if you're seeking something discreet and unexplored. In Maharashtra, you can go trekking or even kiteboarding. The Sahyadri mountain range is the best playground for rappellers to enjoy their favourite sport. Some of the state's most well-known rappelling locations include the Kundalika Waterfalls in Kolad, the Ashoka Waterfalls in Kasara, Sandhan Valley, and the Kondana Caves in Karjat.

Everyone may have a different definition of adventure, however, the adrenaline and thrill that rappelling provides cannot be disputed. Climbing a steep rock is heart-thumping but risky at the same time. You can stay reasonably safe if you consistently practise good behaviours like double-checking knots and tying backups.

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